Thursday, December 3, 2009

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy 82nd Birthday, Andy Williams!!! (#82 ...Jaw drop? Me, too!)

I’m sure missing the Christmas Specials of my youth. Color me, stuck in the 60’s tonight.

‘Specially Andy Williams annual extravaganza ...I close my eyes and still envision the impossibly-lovely Claudine making her entrance down the staircase with a toddler in one hand, a babe in the other, as her husband gazed on adoringly. An age of innocence … before we knew of men called “Spider” and the Grinch commeth.

Then, there were Lawrence Welk’s Specials, featuring “the lovely Lennon Sisters” (… and brothers, and still more sisters!). As a youngster I’d secretly fantasized about being a “Lennon” – I wanted DeeDee as a big sister in the worst way! Later I came to read their beautifully-written autobiography, “Same Song, Separate Voices.” An eye-opener to be sure … great read, if anyone’s inclined to learn “the rest of the story.”

I’m sure there were others … Perry Como, perhaps?
Life went on, while I wasn’t looking. Guess I’d better sit up, while there’s time and start paying attention!

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  1. The Christmas specials of today do not compare to when we were kids. Thanks for the tip on the Lennon book. Something my mom would love to read. Perry Como...absolutely. How are you doing? Miss you.


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