Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bucket Lists and Daydreams

So, I'm all the time raggin' Hubby about his endless channel-surfing .. but must confess, I do the same thing with this mouse. Thank you, everyone in "bloggerland" for providing such entertaining and heart-warming glimpses into your lives!

Tho' I've not seen the movie, many of you have carefully chronicled your own "Bucket Lists", and I've an itch to do the same.

At first reflection ... this life's been so amazing and very blessed, there's nothing left to long for. But (there's always a 'but'!) my imagination soon took flight. Obviously, I stand a better chance to win the PowerBall or be struck by lightning than I do actually fulfilling some of these ... but here's my "baker's dozen", straight from the heart:

  1. Spend a year RV-ing across the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Ride a thoroughbred around the track at Churchill Downs. (I once confided this to my BFF, who ever helpful, suggested we go put a quarter in the mechanical pony up at Wal-Mart then she'd stand in front and throw mud in my face. What a gal!)
  3. Visit Russia.
  4. Interview Donald Trump (one of my heroes) over a leisurely lunch.
  5. Go ice-skating at Rockefeller Center.
  6. Take a carriage ride in Central Park.
  7. Take a lie-detector test. (Not too proud of it now, but I used to be a pretty accomplished fibber. 'Just think it would be fun to see if I could beat it!)
  8. Hold a live Koala bear.
  9. Live in an A-frame cabin with a natural stone fireplace, somewhere in the Rockies.
  10. Spend a day behind the scenes in an air traffic control tower at a major airport. (Despite my real Fear of flying, I'm fascinated by the whole process!)
  11. Have rhinoplasty, botox ... the whole shebang! (This, from someone whose previous plastic surgery went horribly wrong .. guess I'll never learn!)
  12. Spend a week or so with the writers of a favorite TV show, say "Grey's Anatomy." (Is each writer assigned a certain character? How does the dialogue and story line actually come about?)
  13. Ride a mechanical bull. (Are my insurance premiums current?)

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  1. Wow! What a list. Wow! Only two or three of those would be on my list but they would be high on the list. Yours is a good list--for you. Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I hope you have a great evening, week and year! Keep dreaming. Some of those dreams will come true. I have lived long enough (74) to know that some of the things you dreamed never would happen--do!


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