Friday, December 26, 2008


Funny isn't it, what an "attitude adjustment" can do?
In spite of my earlier pout, our wee celebration(s) were perfectly blessed! I've only a few thank-you notes to pen -- but that was the Plan afterall (LOL)!
Seeing the smiles on the faces of our "local" grandchildren, then hearing my granddaughters' laughter (in Alabama), made everything Just Right!

May I share a few of the reasons why we smile?

Here's 14-year old Sarah (and dad), taken a few months back.

Newly-11 y/o Chloe. (I've must get out there and score some updated pictures!)

10-y/o Kayla had a keyboard lesson yesterday from "Hubby-claus."

But it seems Santa forgot Victor's new front teeth?!

Brian's already looking forward to his birthday on New Year's Eve! (Love those dimples!)

No doubt, Mom's relieved Estefan won't be sneaking her camera from now on!

Oh my gosh ... I almost forgot someone!

Here's a preview of #7!
Hubby's son and his wife won't get to meet their firstborn 'til late April ...
and they've elected not to learn if it's a "he" or "she" ...
but we're thrilled nonetheless!

I hope you each enjoyed a very Merry Christmas! Let's all look forward to a safe, WONDER-full New Year!


  1. Oh my so darling a family. I love all their smiles. And a new one coming soon? How awesome is that?

    Hope your Christmas was awesome.

  2. What darling pictures. I would say you have an awful lot to smile about.
    Have a wonderful New Year.


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