Saturday, December 6, 2008

All I Want for Christmas

Well, it's official ... I've become my mother.
Normally, this would not be a bad thing; the lady was an Angel on Earth.
No, what I'm referring to is her response to my annual question, "What do you want for Christmas, mama?"
"Nothing, dear." she'd respond with a smile. "I really don't need a thing." (or, if repeatedly pressed, "Oh, I could use a new hankie.")

Now I find those words falling off my own tongue! (OK, maybe not the "hankie" part.) I sense my son's exaggerated eye-roll through the telephone.

So, what DO I want for Christmas? Peace on earth ... continued good health ... perhaps the winning Powerball ticket in my stocking? Certainly, I am grateful that someone cares enough to ask. In all honesty, I'd rather they save their money and focus on the children. Who'd have guessed, the former "material girl" would morph?

Oh ya, there are electronics and gadgets out here whispering my name. I long to play Guitar Hero on a Wii. But I don't need any of 'em. Theirs is a siren song I'm making a conscious effort to ignore.

I'm pretty sure I can count on Hubby to uphold his end of our pact not to buy for each other this year. And you know what? We're having such fun, discovering all the non-monetary opportunities to celebrate this Holy season. In fact, I'm reminded of a wonderful surprise put on by a co-worker a few years ago:

As part of our Secret Santa exchange, everyone completes a short list of questions, including of course, "What do you really want?" Tongue-in-cheek I'd scrawled, "Snow."

Well, several days later I arrived at my office, hit the lights and just gasped. "S" and several of her teammates had transformed my office into a Winter Wonderland ... complete with a myriad of fat snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and thick cotton batting that covered every inch of desk and credenza! 'Twas delightful, and remains to this day one of my all-time favorite holiday memories!


  1. Hi!
    I just added you to the over 50 blog roll.

    Welcome, nice meeting you.
    I see by your profile that you are in Arizona?!! I lived in Tucson for 12 years. Love that state. Where 'bouts are you living?

    Have a glorious day, and once again, nice to have you join us. My personal blog is always open. Hope you can join me there sometime.

  2. That is soooooooo awesome that they would do that....hope it is just a preview of a the best Christmas ever.

  3. Now that I am taking time to read your entry I think it's wonderful that your workmates and secret santa actually made a winter wonderland of your office space. Isn't that cool?

    Ya, I'm the same way. Actually the kids of mine have no need to get me anything...I have them. That's all that counts. And as for hubby and myself, well, we do buy a little something for each other, but never anything that is extravagant. Now that we're retired, we are always getting stuff for each other throughout the year. Like you, we don't NEED anything.

    Glad to meet you again....and I DO know where you live! I've been there many-a-time. It's a super neat state, like no other in the country.

    Stop by again anytime.
    Happy Sunday.

  4. We thought about going to the Tempe Festival of the Arts this weekend. We have gone so many times, but decided to pass it up this time. I love to go there though. One year we went in December and it was really really cold. No snow though of course. haha
    Did you ever think there would be a time when you didn't need anything? Every time I suggest something I would like to have for my birthday or some other special occasion Hubby says "You don't need that". I always say I don't "need" anything. It's wonderful not to need anything. I wish everyone in the world could make that statement. Oh my, that is so far from reality.


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