Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Intentions, Unexpected Blessings

Had I been blogging faithfully, an earlier post would have fairly vibrated: I'm so excited ... really excited ... EX-CITED!!!

See, my BFF "D" and her Significant Other were making their way west for a long-anticipated visit. No ordinary excursion, theirs was an arduous, 2,300-mile road trip ... complicated by Very Real health challenges that limited their driving time to 3 hours a day! Impossible, some surmised.

Now, D is one of those exquisite individuals whose word you can take to the bank. Despite years spent wrestling physical and professional demons, she never lost sight of her promise to visit Arizona. (Color me, humbled.)

So, each day following "lift off" I'd hover at the computer, either aghast or tickled silly by details of their Amazing Race.

(Did I mention, D is the funniest person I've ever known? Not "on purpose" funny - it just flows naturally, prompting the rest of us to grab the Depends.

Nearing two weeks into the journey, both contracted nasty head colds, but continued, unsuspecting up and into Flagstaff ... whose thin mountain air would wreak havoc.

Last Saturday I awoke, feeling as tho' I'd won the Lottery: Bring out the fatted calf and fire up the vaporizer! Come mid-afternoon their car crossed the end zone!

Now, by her own admission, D is not the same blithe spirit who'd partner in mischief across Florida, in what came to be known as our Annual. C's mobility is similarly limited. But overcome by emotion, I'd overlooked those facts. Homage to the Superstitions, to Sedona was not in the cards. Our focus was simply to help heal. Fearing their disappointment, my heart hurt.

But guess what? There was more enjoyment to be had just sitting, sipping and smoking ... coupled with several riotous trips to SuperTarget, where I'd trail behind their twin scooters like some benevolent chaperon.

D's insights and witty observations were so very comforting. What's weird about our friendship is, we have absolutely nothing in common! Still, she's heard my deepest fears and shame-iest secrets. Not one to always agree for the sake of unity, D makes me feel I'm an OK sort of gal after all. So I relaxed -- in a fashion I'd not allowed myself to feel in years ..... no cosmetics required! An unexpected bonus was getting to know the fella who's captivated her heart. Belying his tough-guy image, C is a gifted artist with a knack for discovering extraordinary in the ordinary. (Plus, he cooks!!!)

Sure, I could feed in that cocoon of endorphins 'til I burst. But of course, all fairy tales must come to an end. Two days ago, with tears in our eyes, we waved Arrivederci. (Note: That's an on-purpose word I love. Long ago in another time and place, a man near to my heart gently whispered in broken English, "is not so final as your Americans goodbye. Rather, it means, until we meet again." Is that cool, or whaaaat?!)

If anyone has a better, more meaningful phrase for "Thank you" I'd welcome learning that, too.

An occasional Lottery player (or, sucker), I'm now determined to invest a dollar each week, earmarked to renew our Annual. Life's too darn short to postpone the Important Stuff!

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