Sunday, October 26, 2008 we Forgive Those who Trespass Against us.

Having grown up in a fundamentally religious household (think, generations of clergy), I'm now inclined to refer to myself as a "recovering Lutheran." In fact, I credit an angel named Leddy Hammock and Unity for saving my sanity. But more about that later. Perhaps.

Still, I'm comforted each morning by the words of The Lord's Prayer. And therein lies my dilemma: How can I possibly consider myself a Christian and not espouse that business of forgiveness?

Yes, this post is assuredly self-serving.... you may choose to skip it. I'm thinking that finally spitting it out on paper will, perhaps, quiet the Resentment I've allowed to fester too long.

A few background notes:

Given: I've no argument with posted speed limits. OK, I'm a "speed chicken" ... and yes, it's true that I was teased unmercifully during my Corvette years for failure to "let her out."

Given: In the Fall of 1998 I was involved in an auto accident on I-75 that by all rights should have killed or seriously maimed me.

Given: My aged Subaru had become unreliable, and given my finances (or lack thereof), I rented a sub-compact (P.O.S.) for a weekend jaunt to visit my mother, some 100 miles to the south.

Your honor, sir .......

Twilight, Interstate 75, Sarasota County, Florida. Spitting distance from the site of an earlier trauma. I discovered a while back that the entire P.O.S. would vibrate ridulously when its speedometer hit 65 mph.

From a distance, I sighted blue flashing lights and automatically glanced at my speedometer. Nope, I'm good. Then sighting an overpass, I noted silhouettes and presumed an accident had occurred. A few seconds later, headlights of a fast-approaching vehicle shone in my rear-view mirror. As that driver came around and we passed side-by-side beneath the overpass, I realized the activity above was F.H.P. laser.

I have to admit to chuckling, calling the other driver "Bear Bait." Color me astonished when a minute later, my car was pulled over. As "Trooper S" approached my window, I guessed a broken tail light or something akin. No, he claimed I'd been clocked at 87 mph. Say whaaaat??? When I tried to explain about the other driver, that he must have been mistaken, I was told in no uncertain term to "Shut up." I shut up. (Note to self: Who pooped in his Wheaties this morning?) Furthermore, he threatened me with the loss of my license and/or jail time if I were to contest the ticket in a court of law.

A while later, my mother attempted to comfort me, advising me to pay the ticket, ask God to forgive them and forget it. I couldn't. I can't.

Yes, I appeared in court, as did "Trooper S" ... who wouldn't stop smirking. The make-believe trial was over in minutes. Presumed to be a liar, I deigned to pay the fine.

Remember the old saw "Police are our Friends"?
Some days ... the dragon wins.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment you left. I've enjoyed my visit here. The only ticket I ever got was a photo radar one for speeding on Lincoln Drive. I saw the flash and knew I had been caught. I don't really like to drive on that beautiful road like I used to. That ticket ruined it for me.
    Come back and visit me any time.


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