Friday, September 12, 2008

While going through the family archives, I recently discovered a horde of neatly-banded greeting cards, some dating back to the early 1900's. Since I'm really "craft challenged" they remain as I found them. Perhaps, one of these days a few will enjoy new life as part of a shadowbox or an accompaniment to a scrapbook.

Pre-cyberspace, the sight of a Hallmark envelope in the mail was a Big, Happy deal! Remember during the holiday season when it was considered a sacrilege to merely sign one's name? (The term "uppity" comes to mind.) At the very least, adding a few handwritten lines was common courtesy ... guaranteed to kindle warm fuzzy feelings.

Don't get me wrong. Today's selections are so stinkin' funny (or perfectly poignant), I could easily spend hours in our local Hallmark. Really!
Still, I wonder who actually hangs onto their cards anymore? (Excluding, of course, those priceless mementos bearing crude childhood inscriptions to "mommy"!)

Recently I happened on the following entry in a deceased's on-line Guest Book. A retelling, if you will, of sage advice in how to save money:

"He relates how you never bought Valentine Day cards. Rather, you both took the time together to select cards off the rack, showed them to one another, kissed, wished each other 'Happy Valentines Day', placed the cards back in the rack and continued to go about your business. Hallmark must have hated him!"

Isn't that a grand idea!?!

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