Monday, September 22, 2008

OK, so I'm a bookworm. As a kid, I'd regularly escape into my stories ~ to the point of bringing a book to the dining room table, or a flashlight to illumin the bedcovers. (Brat, ya.)

Nowdays I'm fortunate, in that my hubby is similarly smitten. It's not unusual for us to spend a good part of our weekends, each lost in the far-away. Worlds away, yet together.

As I've grown and evolved, so have my preferences in authors and genres. (Well, duh!) While hubby has a naturally curious mind, he can thoroughly enjoy both a weepy Nicolas Sparks tome as well as hard-bitten Clive Cussler. On the other hand, if I can't visualize it ... can't feel it ... no thank you very much. In other words, I want my stories here-and-now; i.e., the last 25-30 years, set in the good old U S of A. (Narrow minded? Ya.) Could be why I never fathomed the necessity of history class?

Around, about my Danielle Steele phase, network television thought it a cute idea to produce made-for-TV movies based on several of her best sellers. Bleah. Then, color me DISAPPOINTED when the actor/actress in no way resembled the character I'd imagined. For example: Have you ever listened to a stranger via the telephone or radio, then been shocked when you saw them in person?

Of course, Hollywood got into the act, turning prose into worthy films. While I am not a big filmgoer, I've seen my share and, more often than not, wondered if the book's author felt raped. When succumbing to whatever carrots Hollywood dangled, did they ever consider (that) producers would take such liberties with their original content? (Think, "The Notebook.") If they didn't, well I felt righteously indignant on their behalf. Hrmph!

Some years ago, I discovered a sure-fire way to fall asleep quickly, sans sleep-aids. This works particularly well if I am in the midst of an enjoyable read. Once comfortable, I mentally return to the page ~ only this time I hold the film rights and it's my turn to cast the players. Based solely on my interpretations, I might contract the memory of an old classmate's face .... a co-worker ... even a bona-fide star. Nothing's impossible in fantasy-land!

OK, I'll give you a for instance. This one was easy ~ his face sprang to mind before I'd finished my first Jonathan Kellerman novel (the Alex Delaware series). Introducing ... Tommy Lee Jones as Milo Sturgis! (Hey, works for me!) Fast-forward a few years, I still haven't been able to conjure a suitable Alex Delaware.

... but I'm working on it. Sweet dreams, ya'all!

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