Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Stealing

Good morning!  It's a gloomy (weather) day here in the desert ... all the better to partake in a little levity with Bev and her friends! 

Here we they steal all types of questions -- from every corner of the blogosphere.  Todays' Q 'n A originates from 'Around the House.'  It asks us to look around and answer a few questions.  Easy peasy!

Bedroom:  What's your sleep schedule?
Early to bed (9:00), early to rise (4:00).   That's been ingrained for so long, I can't remember what it feels like to 'sleep late.'  Besides, our dogs wouldn't let me get away with it for more than a few minutes.

Kitchen:  Favorite comfort food?
A generous scoop of (near frozen) JIF Extra-Crunchy Peanut Butter - on a big old soup spoon.   For some reason, I don't care for it spread on or dipped in other food.

Washroom:  Showers or baths?  Bubbles?  Bath bombs?
Steamy, stingy showers!

Closet:  Sum up your style in a few words.
Classic ...  as best I can afford (consignment rocks!) in blacks and browns.  I'm not all that 'into' a big, busy wardrobe anymore. 

Parlor:  Favorite party or board game?
I don't recall having played anything since the summer of '64 when I became hooked on Canasta.

Living Room:  What do you like to do with your family?
No-one's agenda-driven.  We most enjoy casual conversation, watching TV and eating too much! :)

Dining Room:  Special occasion food?
What can beat a juicy rib-eye steak?  Pink center and charred outside, please.

Garden:  Favorite tree?  Flower?
What garden?  Arizona's all about xeriscape.  Nevertheless, I adore aspen forests in and around my hometown.   
I'll always have a soft spot for carnations.  Cheap, perhaps, but they seem to linger longer than their prima donna counterparts.

Attic:  What's one thing you have a sentimental attachment to and you will never throw away?

You could say I'm a little bit crazy
You could call me insane
Walkin' 'round with all these whispers
Runnin' 'round here in my brain
I just can't help but hear 'em
Man, I can't avoid it.

                                                      -- Chris Young

There's a red cocktail dress hanging in the far recesses of my closet always evokes so much emotion.  The summer of '83 was arguably the happiest time of my life.  There's little likelihood I'll ever wear it again, but I've been thinking of using it as part of a memory quilt.  (Any consignment quilters out there?)

Library:  Favorite book genre?
Well-crafted mysteries/thrillers

Office:  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
I'd give anything to be part of (one of) Shonda Rhimes' script-writing teams.

Guest room:  Have you been to a sleep-over?   If so, when was your first?  Do you like them?
Of course, in Brownies/Girl Scout!s and later, summer camp.  Once I was even short-sheeted!

Foyer:  Do you prefer small gatherings, large parties or one-on-one meetings?
One-on-one, definitely.   Because I suck at witty, insignificant small talk, I'll go to any lengths avoid large gatherings.

Pantry:  Favorite meal to make?
Cheesy meat-loaf.  Scarce on the tomato sauce, heavy on the cheddar.

Laundry:  Favorite and least-favorite chores?
I enjoy cleaning bathrooms!  On the other hand, I'll do almost anything to avoid vacuuming and mopping floors.

Garage:  Favorite mode of transportation?  Favorite car?
I'm passionate about all sorts of sea-going vessels! 
At this stage of my life, I'm perfectly content to drive my sturdy, albeit frumpy Camry.

Panic room:  What was the most nerve-wracking experience you've had?
Driving south on I-75 north of Sarasota, I started to pass another car, not realizing I was in her blind spot.  She started left and when we connected my car swerved, spun and flew right in front of an 18-wheeler.   Miraculously, no-one was hurt but that poor truck driver said I nearly gave him a heart attack.

Powder room:  Do you wear make-up?  If so, what one item can't you live without?
Because I don't enjoy scaring little children and animals... why yes, I do!  Since I've no eyebrows of my own, that would be my brow pencil.

Tha-that's it!
Thanks for visiting!  You know, I've love to hear your answers, as well!
Have yourselves a wonderful new week!

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. Stacy pointed out to me that I missed half of the questions. My copy and paste failed me!! We enjoy the same kind of family time!! That accident on I-75 had to be so scary! Sure could have been so much worse!!

    1. 'Figured something like that must have happened, Terri!

      In a way, my accident was a stroke of luck. When I called home to he-I- thought-I-loved, the first words out of his mouth were not, are you OK? but, "What did you do to the car?" Wake-up call!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, I think I've 'seen' you at Paula's place before, mentioning books. Nice 'neighborhood', isn't it?

  3. Santa Fe is one of those places I'd like to visit one day.
    The rib-eye sounds good to me. In fact, we just had those done on the grill Thursday evening. I like McCormick's Cowboy Rub...the secret ingredient in it is coffee! I don't like coffee but it adds something amazing to the steak.

    I hate and suck at small talk, too. Knowing I will be expected to engage it nearly throws me into a panic. I never know what to say.

    That was a close call! Glad you walked away in one piece.

    1. I'm going to check out that rub! Anything with a coffee undertone, and I'm in!

      Yes, a close call. All I remember is hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life - to no avail while the car was out of control and muttering, "Please God, please."

  4. we go to bed at 8 and get up at 4 and have since 1984.
    I love peanut butter frozen or non
    Steamy, stingy showers! even in summer
    Black and blues, no brown
    No board games since 1963
    Can you see a pattern here?? OMG are we twins separated at birth.
    I will spare you the rest and just answer the ones NOT like yours.
    no steak, just hamburgers, no carnations, daisys or sunflowers.
    nothing in the house that is sentimental.
    I don't fly or float due to inner ear that makes me desparately ILL except in a car.
    all your answeres could be mine. I even had a roll over crash in 2010, 3 flips of the suv, no injuries.

    1. LOL! I almost wrote sunflowers! As I've no 'real' siblings, will you be mine? :)

      I can't imagine surviving a rollover, but I totally believe there's a reason for everything.

  5. As always, I love reading your answers. I had no problem shifting from the 5-6 oclock rising to 9AM. ;-)
    My bed time however is minimum mid night, mostly 1AM and I do not know why!
    I smiled at the bathroom cleaning. With 8 years on the lower end of the miliary totem pole I cleaned more bathrooms, heads or Latrines than most folk.
    Even now in some businesses I want to ask the manager if I can show someone how to clean a bathroom! But of course I won't.
    Rainy time this evening here. Sending love from the East Coast.

    1. Now I've a strong stomach, but can't even imagine what you experienced in the military 'heads'!

      Midnight, 1AM? Seems 100 years ago, that was just a time to leave the club for a big breakfast of chili and eggs over Texas toast! Ya, I'm feeling olden tonight.

  6. Another spoonful of peanut butter person

    1. A kindred spirit! I'm guilty of even carrying a jar overseas and aboard a ship. One lady from Australia remarked, "Oh, she's got peanut paste!"

  7. my husband eats peanut butter by the spoonful, no other way. i can also relate to the red cocktail dress. and that near miss on 1-75. thank god nobody was hurt.

    1. Your hubby's good taste, indeed. (*smile*) I once had a boss express his concern about the fat content ... but I retorted, "Yes, but look at my bright, shiny coat." (Thought the dear man was going to wet his pants.)

  8. Its so sticky here, I wish it would just rain!

    Do I know why summer of 1983 was a great one? If so, senior memory and I don't remember :)

    I went through a phase of eating peanut butter from the jar. Mine was perhaps a bit more than a spoonful at at time.

    You clean my bathrooms and I'll mop your floors. I was raised by a mom that her opinion is a floor is not clean unless you are down on your hands and knees washing it. All good and well when you are 30 and 40, not so much just shy of 60. I used a Swifter for a bit in California and it worked well. Tried a Swifter a few weeks ago and I don't know if I squirted too much or what, but the kitchen floor was so slick when wearing socks that I almost slipped several times. Hubby was out of town during that time. I went into the kitchen when he was gone and luckily caught myself on one of the falls. I related it to son later and he said that maybe it was time to get one of those lifeline things (he was joking, I hope). A day later I got down on my hands and knees and washed the floor and the Swifter hasn't been used since :)


    1. I use a Swifter as well ... neither Tom's or my knees are what they used to be.

      PB and wine sounds soooo fine, but I'm trying to be 'good' and abstain ... for the time being!

      1983? Ah, yes. Speaking of wine, lol!
      Of course there was a fella. :) As luck would have it, Giancarlo and I 'found' one another again on FB. Nice knowing how the story ends, ya know?

  9. I like my meat and most vegetables on the burnt side.

    1. Mother always said, ours would be a pretty boring world if everyone liked the same thing! (*smile*)

  10. I love this venue for finding out a little more about you. For 7 years I've been retired and still get up early and go to bed early. It's a habit formed over many years. I do have a quilt that my grandmother made with pieces of dress I wore as a child. All her quilts were like that as she pieced them together from scraps that everyone gave her and most were of old clothes.

    1. Thank you for saying that!
      Your quilt sounds precious, indeed. I just need to find someone who would make one for me!

  11. I drive a Camry and have never considered it frumpy. Interesting description for the car. A memory quilt is a good idea.

    1. Well, not as a brand necessarily ... but my Camry - at nearly 250k hard miles and gaping holes on the back deck where the speaker covers used to be - is decidedly frumpy. :)

  12. Hey, peanut butter loving friend, you gave us much info and I enjoyed it all. I like showers, small groups, makeup too and yes travel by ocean.

    1. Now I'm craving PB in the worst way! One of these days I'm going to try that Laura Scudder's brand you recommended.

      Thanks for playing along!

  13. Hey - better late than never. I always thoroughly enjoy your answers to these kinds of questions - - and I'm tempted to use the questions on a future blog post.

    1. Was hoping you'd stop by, Jon!
      I'd love to see these questions in one of your future posts, too!

  14. I loved reading all your answers. The car incident sounds horrific tho and you were so lucky.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Interesting. One of the first responders said, "I can't believe you didn't roll."
      ...To which one of the firefighters responded, "Are you kidding? That's a Subaru."

      'Made a mental note to be nicer to the car from then on out. :)

  15. I love these posts. I always learn interesting things about the author:)

  16. Hugs, Myra. I hope you all are staying cool as possible in AZ. I enjoyed learning more about you.

    1. Thanks, Dayle! Our monsoon rainstorms are bringing some blessed relief!

  17. OMG that was such a scary near-accident!! I loved learning these little facts about you! I have been stuck in such a rut lately and it's all been away from the computer. I need to make an effort to get back into things! I miss all of you guys!!

    1. ... and you were missed! Thanks for stopping by, Paula!

  18. This was a super fun post. It's always a hoot to learn more about our fellow bloggers. If I weren't knee-deep in editing, I might even consider "borrowing" these questions for a post of my own.

    I agree about ribeye steaks for special meals... preferably bone-in for more flavor. At Christmas, Sprouts usually has prime rib for a good price, and I have their butcher cut it into nice thick steaks for me. Fantastic! I like mine nice and rare, but if it has a nice grilled crust on the outside, all that much better. But we're huge fans of seafood, too, so we're equally happy with good seafood as we are with good steaks.

    Oh, I've got one up on you on the peanut butter. (I like mine with honey in it.) Since I'm the only one in the house who eats it, I don't always bother using a spoon, if ya get my drift... (Makes me feel so "bad"...)

    Have a super weekend.

    1. Bone-in ... yesss!
      I'm going to try adding a bit of honey (wasn't that a candy bar?) the next time I'm feeling 'bad' ... lol!

    2. I don't feel naughty for eating the honey, because it's actually good for us. I feel naughty for using my finger to get a big gob of peanut butter and then sticking it directly into my mouth!

  19. Hi! I borrowed the questions you shared from a different post. I need this. What fun you all have. Hope you get some cooler weather soon.


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