Saturday, December 10, 2016

Like Sands Through the Hourglass ...

G'morning (afternoon) friends!
DH and I are preparing to head south in a bit for a too-brief getaway.   Before we do ...

I should be over-the-moon (more about that next week), but to be honest, my heart's heavy.   Yesterday -- only few hours after my BF and I texted one another to schedule our monthly yakkity-yak -- her unmistakable ring-tone announced itself from the depths of my bag.  What's that all about?   

Debbie's flat tone, "Carl's dead."     
Her long-time significant other, best friend, sometimes abuser - suddenly and inexplicably passed during his most recent stay in a south Florida rehab yesterday morning.   
'Venture to say, few will mourn.   But darn it, what a shock!   Part of me wishes I could hop a plane to be with her;  instead I made Debbie promise to pour herself a glass of wine, have a good cry and call me any time of the day or night.

A little while later, I slid my carcass in front of the computer and spotted news of another passing.   My turn to pour an adult beverage.

In retrospect, my "once in a lifetime" Sunday was a bit silly, but I'm feeling drawn to re-post it.   
You know, even now when I'm headed to work -- usually discouraged, expecting nothing more than the same-old-same-old -- I have to remind myself that miracles do come true.   When you least expect it!  

With apologies to Ronnie Milsap, I’m feelin’ lost in the 80’s tonight ....

* * *

Having reached my mid-30’s, I didn't think it possible to develop a crush.   Silly Myra.

Long before “Bridal Fairs” became commonplace, my employers partnered to develop and stage such an exposition. Sure enough, come that chilly January morning, management was ecstatic at promised revenues. The rest of us were already weary ... a good 3 hours before the doors were scheduled to open.

Arriving at the Civic Center, I immediately regretted my decision not to wear a tuxedo like the others, feeling it wouldn’t look feminine.   Instead, to a person, they all looked amazing!  The peach suit and pearls I'd selected with such care felt downright frumpy. Oh well.   

Taking a seat in the foyer, I began sorting registration cards.

Eyeball-to-thighs. Peripherally, I noted a co-worker needed something. Again. 

Hang on a sec.” I held up an index finger. “97, 98, 99, 100 ... there!”

OK.  What can I do for ....”

The question died in my throat; my face began to burn.  Only a couple of feet away, a familiar someone smiled.  
The same someone on whom I’d harbored a ridiculous crush for years.  Was it coincidence I’d lost interest “Days” following his scripted demise?

What was HE doing here?   Today? 

Belatedly, I recalled that the network was going to provide talent, to boost attendance and moderate the fashion show.... but I’d paid little attention.

Gathering what little wits I had about me, I introduced myself and with what I hoped would pass as self-deprecating humor, explained my admiration .... and astonishment at his presence.

J was similarly confused. “What, exactly, is a Bridal Fair?”

Happily, I abandoned my post to show him backstage. Improbably, it seemed I’d found a pal: A few moments later J was back to help fold programs, stuff bags.

As the day grew long, our feet were beyond pain; faces stiff from smiling. Still, I was over-the-moon visiting J backstage. More comfortable in the role of listener, I learned of his passion for classical music and the theater. The speech patterns I recalled from television were true ... and endearing!

When J asked, "What's next?" after closing, my imagination went amok. (Of course it did ....)   He'd not yet remarried ... but I was.  Hating my unfamiliar resolve, I walked backstage to say goodnight.   And discovered J dozing in a folding chair.  LOL!

Monday morning I happened downstairs to watch his appearance on our local "talk" show. Momentarily shy, I stood aside as he posed for pictures and made the appropriate  noises. Mute, I offered a hand and smiled for the camera.

RIP Mister M.
Thanks for the memory!

Thanks for bearing with me ... talk to y'all in a few!

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. Memories for the scrapbook, Myra. Sorry about your friend's loss, even though it may have not been the best of relationships, from the sound of it. Sometimes we love people who aren't always good to us.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Whether the relationship was good or not the death of your friends significant other will be a hard one for her to bear!! I cannot imagine getting to spend time with your celebrity crush. Must have been a hoot! Sorry for his passing too! But a quick trip south will help! Won't it?

  3. Sorry to hear about your friends loss, and enjoyed your memories from the past. I don't know your crush, never watched the show, but I know how I would feel if I could meet a few of my favorite actors

  4. Memories, light the corners of your mind.... it's true. Cherish the memories. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss (and yours). Love the photo!

  5. Thanks for the memories as Bob Hope would say. I am so sorry for both of these loses; relationships are hard sometimes. I hope you have a great time as you two get away for a while!

  6. So sorry for the loss of these 2 men, especially around the holidays; sad time to grieve when others are experiencing Christmas joy. Allow yourself a bit of a cry and a big glass of wine on your getaway and I hope you share what you did when you return! Be safe out there!


  7. Sands of time...drifting by leaving memories bad and good but we do tend to remember the good ones best. Days of our lives come and go, but the memories do remain. Enjoy your trip south and make more wonderful memories!

  8. Death is not only synonymous with grief, it also evokes intense emotions and memories - and a myriad of conflicted feelings. This post is sobering, but not without your usual wit.

    Thanks to this latest Blogger "format", I'm still slow at finding new blog posts. Sorry for the delay.

  9. Sorry to hear about Debbie's loss. Also a very interesting story you shared about Mister M....

  10. PS you should add a follow by email widget. I would comment more frequently because I get sidetracked and forget to look for the posts of my friends.

  11. Really shows us how fleeting life can sad.

  12. Losing someone is even more poignant this time of year. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. No matter how conflicted her feelings may be, it'll make the holidays hard for her this year, and maybe for many more years to come.

    It's very cool you got to meet your celebrity crush, and he turned out to be a good guy in person.

  13. I came back to check out the entry you made, and looked at the comments and mine wasn't there. I have had that problem with several blogs where it said posting but did not.
    It is always a shock to hear of a death even of the less appreciated folk. But the ones left still miss them. I will never forget what a childhood friend after the death of his wife (a very rocky marriage of 50+ years) He said, "I really didn't think I would miss the old girl, but I do."
    We are so blessed when we find the good in the world. It takes some a little longer than others. Love you girl, you are too sweet, that is never bad!
    Merry Christmas (again)

  14. Grief smoothed over by memories, lots of great memories.


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