Saturday, July 16, 2016


... and good grief!
Those who follow me on Facebook may recall my recent hissy-fit.

Normally my daily commutes are pretty boring.  
Except, last Wednesday something amiss caught my eye.
Slowing ... turning into the lot of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse I sat open-mouthed.  Dismayed.

My resulting post took on a life of its own.
Yesssss!  I was gratified when several commenters echoed my sentiments.  At the same time, I was miffed puzzled by another's response which read, in part: "The creator of this gesture needs our love and prayers."

Honestly?  I wanted to counter her suggestion: 
"The creator of this gesture needs a 2'-by-4' up the side of the head."

... and what good would that do?
Being our work stations sit but a few feet away from each other, I bit my tongue.

In the 'upside down world' (her words) in which we live, I realize my thoughts, my reactions are part of the chasm.

I must sound like an enormous contradiction.
... espousing Good Thoughts one minute, then asking Mr. God to "look the other way" while I hit back.

My boss is overly-fond of telling us,  "Perception is reality."

With that in mind, I study my office-mate ... she of the Pollyanna persuasion ... my friend, my confidant.
She, who drives me stark raving mad!

I can laugh about it now, but for 3-4 days I refused to acknowledge D's existence after hearing her complain that the breakfast sausage I'd warmed in the office microwave made her coffee taste like meat.  (Vegetarian, uh-huh.)

The next minute, she astounds with a (sort of) kindness:  

Grousing to no-one in particular because breakfast burritos were being passed around the office and I wasn't offered one, D challenged, "Come on ... when was the last time you actually ate one?"

(Me) "At least it would have been nice if someone had offered."

Are y'all ready for this? ...

(D)  "Well, you have manners because you were raised in the South."

Not only was I not raised in the South, but I'm annoyed that anyone believes good manners are exclusive to a certain region.

One of President Reagan's former speechwriter observed (that) even when suffering the sad effects of Alzheimer's,  her boss was "hard-wired for courtesy."
Even while in great pain during her last days, I observed my mother thank each of her caregivers for each ordinary task they performed.  She, too, was hard-wired.

I wish the same could be said for her daughter.
But, I'm working on it!

* * *

Just because it makes me smile 
and I'm weary of the chaos on CNN ...

Sarah and Daniel's Molly Jane at her other great-grandparent's place in Marian, AL.

Hugs from Phoenix!



  1. I would have ranted about the flag, too, and sure hope someone put that person in jail. This is America. Respect her or move!!! I'm so glad my workplace has none of that kind of drama. My goodness!! Bless you!

    1. Thanks, Terri! At the suggestion of my DIL, I contacted our local American Legion - whose Commander recommended I alert the police. His response? "Unfortunately, this is not illegal."
      But, I suspect either he or someone at the local Fox News affiliate followed up, because 2 days later the flag was flying at its correct attitude.

    2. Maybe they didn't know it was upside down!! I'm sorry. I just had to say it! Idiots!!

  2. The Bozo who made the anti-American statement with that flag needs a 2 by 4 shoved up his nether region.

    Don't get me started on ultra-sensitive vegetarians who can't tolerate the smell of meat. And why the hell are they now suddenly called "vegans"??

    Don't mind me. I'm in a foul mood and ready to rumble.

    Good manners are nearly impossible to find anywhere nowadays....and they sure don't originate in the south. The Southern twang simply makes them sound polite. It's a misconception.

    Who on God's green earth would watch the liberal bias on CNN? I'll bet you a breakfast burrito that a CNN fan turned that flag upside down......

    1. God love ya, Jon. :)
      Judging from the underwhelming response, I suppose I came across too harshly regarding my colleague. (Candor makes for strange bedfellows.)
      Speaking of strange ... most of the time D and I are best buds. Polar opposites, but buds all the same.

      CNN? I only chose that for purposes of alliteration. (Ya, I'm a bit OCD that way.)

    2. Hey I watch CNN sometimes and there isn't a liberal bone in my body! Well, maybe one!!

    3. Actually, when I heat meat in a microwave it does leave an annoying smell.....I'm just saying.... (it never tainted my coffee)

  3. § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

    Most individuals who have served in military service of our nation should recognize this signal.


    But I did smile about the hard-wired status of some of our older generation. As you described your mom, mine was the same.

    NO NO NO! only an idiot would associate manners just with the south,................................ 'Bless their heart'.................

    AS always you can bring a tear or a smile. BUT always an interesting entry.

    1. LOL! I'm working my way there as fast as I can.

      Thanks for publicizing this statute. I forget not all Americans are aware.
      Heck, I recently saw some journalist asking college students what continent is Mount Rushmore on ... and wanted to weep at their answers.

    2. Yep, amazing what is not taught in school now.

  4. As one of your readers stated above that is a distress signal to display the flag upside down. I am thinking we ARE in distress in this nation. Any time U.S. citizens are killing cops we are in distress. I love manners. And I love people who have them!! And I loved your rant!!

    1. Thank you, Paula! Honestly, I was afraid I'd overdone it this time. :)

      Holding your Justin and his fellow peace officers in my prayers every day!

    2. Thank you Myra. We need all the prayers we can get!!

  5. That would have bothered me too about the flag. Maybe D needs to bring in her own microwave and designate it vegan only, LOL. Manners indeed are hard wired into some people. I automatically say you are welcome here alone at home when a dictator will say thank you when they have no idea who will be working on their dictation. Its a good thing tobe hard wiref that way and I know you are!


    1. LOL about the segregated microwaves!

      That's pretty neat about the unknown dictator expressing his/her thanks. (Someone was raised right.) Little things like that sure mean a lot.

  6. I felt relieved when you addressed the flag right side up again on FB. It bothered me. Not only are manners appreciated but common sense is high on the "acceptable" list! You have both, my friend.

    1. Thank you for saying that, Mary.
      Yes, I'm told often at work "how polite" I am ... then I go feeling guilty for that which lies in my heart. Dang duality!

  7. Good manners come from being raised with them. That poor flag, I missed that on FB. Love Molly Jane on the tractor. Hope the week ahead bring you happiness....

    1. Hi Debby ... thank you! You're right about children learning what they live. When my granddaughters were small, I recall being taken aback each time I'd visit, hearing them addressing adults as 'ma'am' and 'sir.' Not so much now they're young adults... lol.

  8. What I've found with every TV channel is too much these days and I get so anxious. I realize I need to keep up, but between the internet, television, alerts on my phone and yes, the newspaper. I'm in overload keeping up. I think I need to ration my television, etc. time in the interest of preserving what little sound mental health I have left. I was raised in New England. My parents would have chewed my head off for being rude.

    1. What a great point, Carol! It's all a bit overwhelming.
      To that end, I don't quite know why, but for the last year or so, I've NO audio playing in my car. That's 2 hours each day I can count on being alone with my thoughts.

      Ya, I'm sure you're well aware of the stigma some folks attach to New Yorkers ... I detest generalizations!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. This was a great post. I agree that manners come out of a good upbringing. Unfortunately, I do not see enough of this today. I'm 44, a high-school teacher (when I have to be), and I was raised down south. My mama would have knocked me sideways if I'd ever been rude to anyone, and to this day I always respect my elders and mind my manners. Every school year, when each new batch of freshmen passes through, I observe a noticeable decline in manners and respect. It is painful to watch...

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Megan!
      Wow, I can't even imagine what you witness as a teacher of teens. Knowing my own (low) tolerance level, I'm sure I'd be asked to resign. God bless you!

  11. Maybe whoever did it is dyslexic

    1. LOL! Now THAT's thinking outside the box.

  12. I know I commented here! Hmmm...ah the joys of the technical world. Sure hope the FB bigwigs aren't trolling our blogs and removing my freedom of speech already! All I can say is, in the words of the young woman from Venezuela who commented at FB, you will be sorry you allowed socialism into your country. It destroyed mine. Disrespect our flag and you won't get any flack from the white house. Call a terrorist a terrorist and you will have to be dealt with! U G H ! Welcome to the end of America.


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