Friday, June 24, 2016


So I've concluded, mine are greedy molars.

I've no quarrel with soups ... but seriously?  
You can't chew it!  
(Rather, you'd look pretty silly trying.)
Remember the Liquid Diet?  Psshaw!
I could probably sip til I slosh, and still long to gnaw on something substantial.

My late father would find it astonishing, but I've come to adore breakfast.
Weekdays are no exception ....
Desktop omelet

Then - as appetites go - I came to covet something more substantial:
  Before long, one jar/week became two, and DH prophesied I'd turn into a monkey.

Time to consider a healthier alternative.
Remembering a co-worker who lost an enormous amount of weight while eating cucumbers, I beat feet for the produce section.
 They crunch, right?

Except, I discovered our container of lime juice had expired ... and, what I thought was chili powder wasn't.
I improvised by soaking them in Greek dressing and Tabasco.

It wasn 't as awful as I feared.  
Still, Day #3 required some finessing.

There, all better.

All joking aside, I recognize how critical it is to remain hydrated - particularly here in the desert southwest. 
 A former supervisor at my workplace used to caution her landscapers to keep pushing liquids:  "If you're not piddling once each hour, you're dehydrating."
(Sneaky stuff.  Deadly, too.)

Let's face it.  Water's necessary, but it's pretty boring.  
I began researching recipes and ordered an infuser to house my new friends, the cucumbers.

Unfortunately, I've never mastered the art of "all things in moderation."
There's nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and reaching for a long drink of cool water.  
..... Or in this case, liquid cucumber.  
Even always-curious Macie Ann sniffed, grimaced and beat feet off the bedcovers.

Back to the drawing board!
True, I'm not fond of fruit; but there are a few exceptions:
There's a jug of diced lime chilling in the fridge, and I'm considering how to secrete a jar of grapefruit into the back of our fridge where DH can't see it.  
(His meds prohibit consuming grapefruit.)

Have you any favorite beat-the-heat recipes?
Bonus points if they crunch!

* * *

P.S. ...
I want to say, "Thanks" for your thoughtful comments on my last post ... and apologize for any misunderstanding.
Sometimes my my mind takes unexpected detours down Melancholy Lane.
An unexpected windfall aside, we need to stay put for another few years ... before relocating near my son in Alabama and settling into a nice climate-controlled underground (tornado-proof?) bunker.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. every time i read one of your post, i wonder if we share genetics.... about 95 percent of what you write is ME or could be... to make my soup more chewable, i crunch up saltines in it, i can't stand soup that has no chunks. as in blenderrized.. i like stew or veggie soup but only with chunks. I do love water though and have no problem with drinking enough.. here is how my mother taught me to eat cukes as we called them.
    chop really fine, chop onions if you like them but i don't, add salt/pepper and a tad of mayo and spread on white bread with the edges cut off. cucumber sandwiches. yum... even without the onions. i also love tomato/mayo sandwich. the thing is i don't like meat. only the kind that will kill me. think bacon, a hamburger, hotdog or pulled pork BBQ... that is about all i like, i don't like chicken unless it is deep fried. how i got off on that i have no idea

    1. You had me at mayo, Sandra! My 'addiction' was once so bad, someone asked if I wanted a little burger to go with my Hellman's!
      I'm definitely going to try that cuke/onion mix, maybe on a bell pepper or romaine. (I try and stay away from bread.)
      Ironic what you said about chicken. After being served UNdone chicken at freshman orientation back in the day, it was near 40 years before I could make myself eat it again.

  2. Hi-ya. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Now, it's my pleasure to return the favor.

    I'm in Georgia, where it's supposed to hit 98 tomorrow. I know. That's NOTHING compared to where you live, but it's still too hot for me.

    I drink a lot of water, but I know... boring. Watermelon is a good heat-buster. Have you tried the yellow-fleshed watermelon? Reeeeally sweet. For crunchy, there's always carrots and celery... with some sort of interesting dip. And for cucumbers, I like to slice them thinly with equally thin-sliced onion. Sprinkle with salt and a good bit of black pepper, and then splash liberally with vinegar. Mix, and then stir in some sour cream. Yummy!

    Count me in as your newest groupie!

    1. Well, rats! Guess I'm NOT your newest groupie. The follower sign-up thingamajig isn't working properly right now. Maybe later...

    2. I never thought of pairing cukes and onion and (yay) black pepper, but it sounds really, really good ... and the day's young!

      Love your term, 'groupie'! It sounds so much cuter than 'follower.' And yes, I see your face right there on the second page of my gallery. TY!

    3. It's a Hungarian thing and my parents had it very often. Cucumbers soaked in vinegar and water - with sliced onions and black pepper.

    4. And Susan's right. Cut them very thin.

  3. We eat lots of salads in the summer. They are my favorite hot weather dishes. And watermelon. And I love my water with lemon slices. I've heard that peach is good. And strawberries! Alabama is going to have some brutal humidity but if it takes you closer to your son, that is a good thing!! Have a nice weekend

    1. How could I have forgotten salads! I'm going out today to buy some fresh spinach and romaine and God knows what else and throw it all together in a mason jar!

      Hope Mother Nature is behaving nicely to y'all this weekend!

  4. We had cucumbers and cherry tomatoes along with chips and fresh guacamole that Jilda whipped up. It was refreshing. And we have to hydrate here too.

    1. I never developed an appreciation for tomatoes, but fresh guacamole sounds wonderful!

  5. Don't get me started on the subject of dehydration. Life in arid West Texas literally sucked the soul from my body. Within a few years I looked like an Egyptian archaeological excavation. Despite drinking gallons of water, I couldn't reverse the Mummy Effect.

    What do you mean, you don't like fruit????
    It's summer and you should be enjoying an abundance of nature's fruity delights. What about cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, peaches, plums, cherries,.....porterhouse steaks...

    ...whoops! I just threw that in to unnerve the vegetarians.

    1. Gawd, you make me laugh!
      Sorry, but I'd likely choose to fast before eating any of the fruits you mention. My mother, on the other hand, would likely arm-wrestle someone for the last slice of fresh fruit. (I wonder if she ever suspected I'd been switched at birth?)

      How'd you know? Porterhouse is my all-time favorite cut of meat!

  6. The only soup I like is beef stew (does that count as a soup??).

    Wishing you a great weekend :)

    1. Sure it does!
      Thank you for visiting today, and best wishes right back-atcha!

  7. Crunchy? I am an apple lover, but it must crunch, crack and break loose when I take a bite. I like to nibble on carrots. But my go to snack is saltines and milk. (Cornbread and milk if it is available(with onions (for crunch?))) ;-)

    1. Memories! As a kid, my go-to snack used to be Graham crackers dunked in milk. :)

      Raw carrots and I've never hit it off ... yet. (I should know better than to say "never.")

  8. Cukes are refreshing in the summer and I even make cucumber sandwiches. Celery sticks are great too if you like peanut butter on them. I love to crunch and munch. Green Peppers and vegetable dip is delicious too. Lemonade and Iced Tea are my summertime drinks and iced cold water too. I'm constantly drinking something it seems. I even tried iced coffee for the first time this week and it was pretty good.

    1. I LOVE peanut butter, Ma! Thanks for reminding me about those celery logs. Oh!, and thanks for the mention of bell pepper. I'm going to try that!

      Here's my fav iced coffee recipe: Pour left-over coffee in an old ice-cube tray and freeze. Later, I take several frozen cubes and add to a glass of Silk Almond milk and stir like mad. Yum!!!

  9. Try frozen grapes! have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Kim! My mom used to arrange green grapes on a baking dish, sprinkle with powdered sugar and freeze.

      Me, I prefer mine red and fermented. :)

  10. I can't have a steady diet of liquid, I need something crunchy too. I am fortunate to love water, plain & simple because of the way it makes me feel. And I agree with that supervisor who talked about piddling every hour. My mom use to make a summer salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and Italian seasonings and olive oil. Once I was at a spa in Sedona and they had a big container of ice water with sliced cucumbers floating atop. So refreshing before a massage. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Mary!
      So THAT'S why you glow ... that H2O? :)
      I'm a bit surprised that spa featured ice water: I once read the famous Ford modelling agency cautioned their 'girls' to drink water at room temp.

      Olive oil and Italian seasons sounds so good!

  11. I used to love cucumbers, but had to give them up in my 40s, terrible heartburn. Glad you are able to enjoy them! So much healthier than the nuts, even though the nuts in themselves have a good purpose :)

    So important to hydrate indeed down here. What I am learning is it seems like I drink a lot of water all day and my body likes to hold onto it during the heat of the day,but at night I'm up several times during sleep to take care of business. I hope my body eventually releases some of that fluid during the day, LOL :)


    1. Chuckle. (Ya, the nuts ARE most beneficial!)
      I think our bodies way of holding on to liquid during the day is more common than you might suspect. Even my little Grace has me concerned when she won't 'go' during the day; then, like clockwork she's waking one of us to take her out in the middle of the night. Arrrrgh.

  12. i'm all about the watermelon, mangoes and grapes this time of year. in my water I put lemon lime and a sprig of mint. Drinking it can be more fun if the vessel it's in is interesting.

    1. There you go! Just because "it's always been that way" shouldn't mean I can't improvise. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Cantaloupe usually will crave my sweet tooth while giving me some crunch. I'm not a big fan of flavoring my water but I do like to ad a breath mint to it to give it a minty fresh taste and I have to have it room temperature.

  14. How my mother used to love her cantaloupe! (Usually with a big old scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center.)

    I'm going to try that breath-mint/water trick ... how simple! No, I'm not a fan of ice water either.

  15. I do love cucumbers but I will add fresh mint or rosemary with it too. It is hard some days to chug plain ole water. I throw all sorts of fruit into my water. I crunch all the carrots and celery although with this rabbit trouble we have in the garden my hubby suggested making a trail out into the street with carrot sticks! We see so many of those naughty rabbits that have been run over in the street. But apparently the others are reproducing at the speed of light! When my girlfriend Vivian was going through ovarian and than breast cancer, girl can not catch a break, she said the doctors told her she loved to chew ice because she was anemic. I have always loved to chew ice. Never heard that before though. My dad use to love cantaloupe with vanilla ice cream. I was very bad yesterday. Short of the fact that I was a giant slug feeling sorry for myself and not budging, I ate butter pecan ice cream not once but twice. I ate too much junk food and today, U G H , water it is with a healthier lunch since I totally missed my breakfast call. I was suppose to watch Harrison one day a week and the goofy grands got some government (UGH UGH UGH) daycare! Breaks my heart. Has to be a daycare facility 40 hours a week. UGH! UGH! Then I think Nick will be gone to college by mid August. ;-( Finally although I am tickled Rebekah has a new job, more money, and all- she was off on Thursday and I will be sad, No more Thursdays with my middle! She will be strictly M-F with weekends off. Good for the beau, bad for the mama. :-( Anyway I admire your tenacity with this healthy lifestyle. I try, I really do but then these things fill m y mind! Sigh! I will be good and work out with Priscilla Patrick my yoga mistress and good ole Jack LaLanne. He didn't live to be nearly 100 because he wasn't fit! :-) Hugs to you and Tom! Stay cool and keep crunching!


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