Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Letters, revisited

Color me excited, m'friends!  DH and I will be hitting the road to the high country this weekend, letting the painters have their way with the house. Before we do, I wanted to share a few snapshots ... postcards, if you will.

Dear Camry,
I hate to break it to you, but you'll be staying home this weekend.
Yes, you've been darn reliable these past 11 years ... but your near 207,000 mi. has me a little concerned.   
I promise to keep taking good care of you.  And you?  You just worry about getting me back and forth to work each week.

Dear Macie Ann,
Because you'll be 3 years old soon, I really, really believed you'd outgrown your fascination with toilet paper.
My fault for leaving the linen closet door ajar!

Now I swore I'd never 'humanize' another animal again ... but my mind must not have been paying attention.  
I'm afraid to discipline or raise my voice because you and Grace will be going to 'doggie-camp' tomorrow, and I don't want you to think it's because you're being punished.

Dear Boss,

I appreciate your wanting to enhance our work environments.
But really, I was perfectly happy with my one 17" monitor.
These dual monsters have me feeling like an air traffic controller!  

Dear Readers,
It's been an emotionally-taxing week here in the Valley of the Sun.
Still, our flags were returned to full-mast this morning.

One of our news stations posted a heart-wrenching article -- written from the perspective of one police officer's wife.   
I think her words apply not only to peace officers, but to military families as well.
And what better time than Memorial Day weekend to honor their discipline?

It's much too long to share here ... but I was particularly moved by this part:

"As the officers stand in formation at the graveside, we'll see resolve like we've never seen it.  They can stand at full attention and sob without making a sound.  The tears run down their faces like something foreign that doesn't make that trip often.  Their hearts break.  And we can do nothing for them.  Not a single thing.  
We stand behind them, but our sobs make a sound and our tears know the way."

PS - 
Once again, I've gone on longer than I intended.  
But!, I was struck by something I saw on last night's news ... something several of us were discussing at work this morning.   

In his eulogy yesterday morning, Officer Glasser's squad leader shared a habit he (Glasser) had of saying, "I love you" each time he and his fellow officers parted company.
After all, he reasoned; it might be the last time they saw one another.

Sure, young Glasser caught some ribbing for it; but soon, the Sgt. allowed, they all adopted that custom.

So ... that said ... 
I feeling like retiring my normal "hugs from Phoenix" and simply close with,

I love you,


I don't know if WiFi's available where we're going, but I'll do my best to read and respond, at least as best these fat fingers can!


  1. I love you as well Myra!! Have a wonderful trip! You deserve it!

  2. I love you too! Enjoy your get-away and tell us all about it as you can!

  3. Enjoyed this post. Nice of you to consider Marcie's feelings, you are sooooo easy! (smile).
    Have a good trip and try to be good.
    Love from your old stomping grounds, Florida!

  4. I'm curious where you are going? The dogs will do fine in doggie day camp; they won't even know you are gone :) (since Koda didn't get along with other dogs when we boarded him, we always paid for extra one on one time with the people there for him to have someone to play with; we did humanize him indeed).

    I agree with not taking an older perhaps unreliable car on a trip like that. We rented a lot of times to make the drive from Prescott to Phoenix and then finally took the plunge and bought the new vehicle.


    We always end our conversations among family members with love just never know.......


  5. Safe travels, and I loved the toilet paper pic.

  6. Enjoy your trip, Myra, and may the house painting go off without a hitch.

    That toilet paper escapade .... too funny.

  7. It's a pleasure to hear people say "I love you" and know that they actually mean it.

    My cats are fascinated with toilet paper, too. Perhaps I should install some near their litter box (??).
    Those dual monitors are very bizarre. I don't like them, but I laughed when you said you feel like an air traffic controller.

    Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!
    (I almost said Labor Day - - my brain seldom works anymore...)

  8. My eyes would go bonkers after a day at a computer with only 1 monitor, I can only imagine what 2 will do to yours. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Relax and enjoy!

  9. LOL - I love you too. I also had a big laugh at the air traffic controller comment. Enjoy your trip!

  10. is there anywhere on the planet there is no wi-fi? he he he
    have fun and come home to a painted home and two sulking dogs from being left behind. yes, i know not to say the word dogs in their presence.
    stay safe out there and 'love you'

  11. Hope you are enjoying your time away. Beautiful weather here in AZ. Wow. I, too, was touched watching the memorial. Double monitors; that takes getting use to! I love you, too, Myra and that Tom of yours also!

  12. I love you, too, my dear! I hope you're having a great weekend.

  13. Love you too Myra. Toilet paper is a necessity for us all so it seems. My cats love it's entertainment value like your pup does. My hubby also has dueling monitors. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Cute post. The toilet paper ordeal made me laugh. Maybe Doggie Day Camp will do some good.
    Safe travels

  15. Wow, your Camry has done you good! I love that your sweet Macie Ann still gets into trouble. Hope your trip out of town went well. Sorry I missed seeing you. I had a wonderful time with Betty.

  16. You manage to make me laugh and cry in the some post! I love you for your wit and charm and terrific writing skills. Enjoy your weekend. xo


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