Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gettin' along

Hello m'friends!

It's a foregone conclusion ... I think too much.  
There's no lack of things to say, but what to say and how to say it.
I'm hard at work in my head, but in the interim, I'd like to keep my toes in the door!
Let's start where I left off, shall we?

No, I didn't have a chance make it a priority to personally respond to your lovely 'happy birthday' sentiments since DH's sis and brother-in-law arrived the next day.  (And we all know, my home never looks so clean as when house-guests are expected!)

A belated, but most heartfelt, Thank You!

I'd taken a few days off work, so DH treated me to lunch and a mini-shopping expedition at my favorite consignment shop.
Now, I'm not wild about getting new clothes, but recently discovered a significant gap between my woolen sweaters and skinny sleeveless tops.  
(Oh woe, the days I'd giggle at mother's insistence on wearing blouses that covered her jiggly upper arms.  Karma bites!)

Overfull from Chinese, that eve I dined on pistachio nuts and red wine.  Tom put in an old VHS tape containing nearly 2 hours of old home movies.  
Hopelessly, wonderfully unedited.   I chuckled and wept my way through 15 and 30-second scraps of a lifetime:  One minute, my 7-year old self is tossing snowballs to mother in the Austrian alps ... the next, toddler Myra appears on screen, stumbling under and around Grandpa's cows, grinning ear-to-ear.
(Were that today, wouldn't Child Protective Services have had a fit?)  

I may be a 'senior citizen', but I still get foolishly happy opening my presents:   
From Tom, a gift certificate for my favorite thing in the whole wide world (relaxation massage).

My favorite citizens of the state of Alabama sent these wonderful oversize t-shirts/night-shirts from Southern Couture ....  

Bestie Debbie's goodie boxes from Florida always makes me smile.
(See, Paula ... I've my own coloring book now!)

Almost my 'birthday twin', G'daughter Sarah celebrated her 22nd at Panama City Beach w/ fiance Daniel.  
I'm thinking of having this picture put on a stretch canvas wall art.  You think?  Love those kids to distraction!

So, like I said ...
SIL and BIL arrived from Florida and for perhaps the first time in all my years, I gave thanks to the Man above for being an only child.

No.  No harsh words were spoken.  
They're perfectly lovely people ... in fact, I can envision her as an ambassador or, perhaps, a politician's wife.
... the kind who might wear white linen all day flawlessly.  Know what I mean?
By comparison, I always feel I need to examine my front teeth for bits of spinach ... my kneecaps for scratches and scabs.

We're just different ... and that's OK, I guess.
Until the day I grew overly-weary of tip-toeing around the house at 4AM, getting dressed in the closet.   
(Sure, it's oversize space, but I'm old and stuck in my ways!)

Prior to their arrival, I announced to A-and-J I wanted to treat them to dinner while they were here.  (They'd taken us to their club on Amelia when we last visited so there wasn't an opportunity to vie for the check.)

Their last night arrives (hurrah!), so after work I splashed some cold water on my face and we all piled in my car to the restaurant.
Discretely as I knew how, earlier I'd communicated to our waiter to bring me the bill.
Unfortunately, BIL made a proprietary grab for the bill when it arrived and brooked no argument.  
Mad!?!  You-betcha.

There may have been a teeny-tiny chip on my shoulder, but I swear there was a bit of condescending going on in his voice.
Sure, Tom's sis married into Olde Money but I'd planned and budged for that dinner ... and was plain insulted.

So, the next day I wanted to go buy a gift certificate and send them with a little note stating, "Thank you, but I don't take charity."  When I shared my idea with DH ... one look at his face and realized mine was a Very Bad Idea.   Never having had a sibling, I've not given much thought to burning bridges,

Thankfully, things have returned to a comfortable crawl.
Sure things might be better, and Phoenix could realize another cold spell (*smile*) ... 
Then again, things could be so much worse, as I learned just the other day.

A former 'friend' (beau sounds so old-fashioned!) and I've remained casual acquaintances.  
Without going into unnecessary detail, P and me went our separate ways back in 2002,  and didn't reconnect (via Facebook) for another dozens years.
P's not active on social media, so I was a bit surprised on Thursday morning to see he'd changed his profile picture to one of he and his wife ... the header, a homey image of wife and dogs beside the hearth.

The nice thing to do ... what a real FRIEND might do would be hit the "like" button.
Instead, unnerved by my own reaction, I turned off my car and strolled into the office.
Pretty soon, as my days go, I'd totally forgotten the profile picture.
Then, I called Tom during my lunch break.  While we traded inconsequential particles of our morning, I glanced at my phone and saw P had updated his status again.
... and felt about this high.

In brief, I learned that his lovely wife - 10 years my junior - woke Monday morning with difficulty breathing ... lapsed into a coma, shortly thereafter and was expected to be taken off life-support yesterday afternoon.

Yup, every day's a gift.
I hope I've found new appreciation for the days I'm given.
I know I appreciate you!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Thanks for providing another delightfully written post. It sounds like your birthday was great - - well, all except for the house guests.....
    But look at the bright side: they left before you had to resort to hiring a pest exterminator.

    I can certainly agree that every day is a gift. Unfortunately I never fully realized that until I started getting older.

    1. LOL!
      I suspect lots of folks never learn to appreciate a day's value until they're older. (Not that I'm calling you 'old', mind ya!)
      I didn't, until those I loved began to pass away.

  2. Yes indeed, each day is precious. I enjoyed catching up with you!!

    1. Thanks, Terri!
      I'm really enjoying getting to know you. :)

  3. Oh how sad for your friend on the passing of his spouse; so true life is so precious and so short. Can't go into all the details of the report for confidentiality sake but typed a death summary on a young person yesterday at work. After hearing the events that led to the injuries that took this life way too soon, I realized after only a very short stay in the hospital that more than likely there would be a tragic outcome, so I scrolled to the bottom of the report and sure enough confirmed my suspicion that they had lost their lives. I felt so bad for the family, said a prayer for them right on the spot. Reminded me every day we are given is a gift and we should use it wisely (and I often don't).

    I would have been upset too about the events of the dinner, especially if you made it clear that you wanted to take them out and take care of the bill. They should have honored your request to do so.

    I never do well with company, I'm always glad to have them go after a few days, LOL, and usually prefer to stay in a hotel when visiting others :)


    1. Thank you for empathizing, Betty!

      I think sometimes God gives us a gentle poke ... as if to say, "Pay attention!" P's situation is especially tragic, since his wife beat both leukemia and breast cancer, in just the last decade.

  4. I think too much too! I'm so in my head all the time. Your post gave me so much insight into my sibling-less husband. Please help me with that whenever you can. Love what you wrote; yes, frame the photo of that cute engaged couple! Sounds like you have been super busy. Got your internet problems resolved I see. So happy about that! Tom is a keeper; glad he spoiled you so much!

    1. Lordy, but you've a way of cheering my insides!
      Wishing y'all the sweetest day, Mary. Love you!

  5. That Betty knows how to say 'stuff'.

    Much I woulda said about the dinner check, Yep there is that little guy down inside that wants to say, 'Come on dude don't be a $h-t!" You had planned to buy. But then Tom is right!!!

    I had to smile, My sister had a visit from 'friends' from Amilia this week. Was glad when they went home! I still have the address of the writer who lives there, bt doesn't look like we will be visiting Amelia anyway. It really isn't my cup of tea. Just don't want to listen to the major changes 'we had to 'force' the architect to make, and the builder can never get the colors right!etc...

    Thanks for a great read, Happy belated BD. YOu never disappoint@! ;-)

    1. Goodness, but you've an instinctual read on things! (Giggle ... thanks!)

      Ah, the things we love to think but don't say!

  6. Love the pic of Sarah and Daniel. Young love is SWEEET!

  7. Replies
    1. And you, in return!
      I hope your day is a lovely one.

  8. I don't really like having houseguests! There I said it! And I'm not taking it back. Richard didn't like staying at people's homes. We always booked a hotel close by and spent what time with people that we deemed necessary. It was a rude thing for your BIL to fight for the check. Take the money you saved and have another massages. And send him a thank you note for it! That is so said about your former beau (friend). Today is not promised to us!! I need to be better at cherishing every moment and trying to bitch less!! Love you to pieces my friend! And I love that coloring book. Can't wait to see some of your coloring!!

    1. Your honesty is so refreshing! Thank you for making me feel so good to know you, Paula. :)

      I'm a bit nervous to crack open those colored pencils ... once and always a 'color inside the lines' (boring) sort, I guess.

    2. Who says you have to stay inside the lines???

  9. We never know how much time we have. A shame about your friend's wife. I was quietly bemused about the company visiting. been there. done that. can totally relate. And in case I did not mention it before, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Glad it was great.

    1. Thank you, Taryterre!
      You'll never know how happy I am to see you back in Bloggyville.

  10. yes to the birthday twin photo on canvas. and glad your hubby stopped you from burning that bridge. very sad about the wife in the coma... i agree each day is a gift.. have fun coloring.

    1. Thanks, Sandra!
      Actually, DH told me to do what I wanted - but deep down it didn't feel right. Good thing I've never been an impulsive sort!

  11. Oh yes, life is a gift and we do just have to be thankful for what we have. I've learned than when someone wants to pay my way for dinner or anything else, just to smile and say Thank You.

    1. Your advice sounds just like my dear momma talking. Gracious!

  12. Wow, sounds like a fun birthday celebration and some awesome gifts. I know when I want to treat someone, I WANT TO TREAT! So sorry to hear about your past friend and his wife.

  13. Hi Debby ... thanks! Yes, my birthday was all I might have hoped for. I'm truly blessed.

  14. The engaged couple is lovely - many congrats!

    I understand what you are saying about your guests and the check. But look at it this way - they were the guests and wanted to thank you for your hospitality. You can be sure to buy the next time you visit them.

    1. That's what my BF said when we visited, too! Some days I'm just too darn serious for my own good.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Myra! It's funny...after everything I read in this beautiful blog post, THE THING I must comment the little dish that says, "Follow Your Bliss!" ;)

  16. Well, when I miss birthdays, I REALLY miss Happy Birth Month to you!

    I think all families have some of "those" people who tend to rub us the wrong way.

    It's sad about your friend's wife...yes, each day is truly a gift.

    PS: As blogs go, yours is one of the best. If I were an avid reader (which I'm not) yours would be at the top of my list.

    1. Aw, thank you! Seriously, your words have touched my heart.

  17. There are only about two people I feel comfortable having as house guests. My apartment is tiny and It works for me, but with another person it feels like a closet.
    Love the picture of Sarah!

    1. Yes, you nailed it. "Comfortable" is key.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  18. I think Kim nailed it in the comment above. But I agree that every day is a gift.

  19. My goodness you spin a tale! Love, love, love my visits here. I am so sorry about the wife of your friend. Such a tragedy. Life holds no guarantees. I think you and I think so much alike, the gift certificate idea, but your hubby like mine, are more sensible. Hmmm...I guess that is a really good thing! Love catching up here. Hugs, Anne


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