Sunday, December 20, 2015

Snapshots and Take-Aways

Home again, home again ... jiggedy jig!

In truth folks, my jiggedy's pooped.   While we crafted some lovely memories with the kiddos, I returned home with a nasty head cold and an eyelid infection that left me looking not so much the sophisticated traveler, but someone's half-witted elderly aunt.

Yes, I'm feeling lots better, but my mind's yet to fully engage. Rather than trying to weave a storyline, I thought I'd share a few pivotal moments -- to me, anyway.

For instance?

Only moments after take-off, I was startled by an announcement from the cockpit:  
"We've just passed through 10,000 feet.  Isn't that amazing?"

Several of us looked at one another -- Sweet baby Jesus, is there a 6th grader at the controls?

Thankfully, our initial flight was incident-free ... tho' late arriving at Dallas Love.   I was a bit amused - and really touched by the senior citizen seated behind us who -- obviously overhearing DH and I discussing the state of his hip and whether he'd be able to hustle-like-OJ to our connecting flight -- announced she was going to run on ahead.  Sure enough, a few minutes later here she's waiting by the gate waving her arms furiously and proclaiming, "I told them they must wait for my friends."  LOL :) Unfortunately, that flight was so packed full, we lost sight of one another and I never had a chance to say, "Thank you."

As many times I've flown into Birmingham you'd think I could find the correct route leading 'home away from home.'   Oh, nooooo.   First I had us going to someplace called Gadston; then to Atlanta.   Nearly apoplectic, DH convinced me to return to the airport.  Maybe it was my reddened eyes or the desperation in my voice, but the Ramada Inn's desk clerk abandoned his post and actually walked me out to the road to point out the correct course.  Yup, there's angels, everywhere.

Sure n' not all went according to Hoyle.  While I was expecting hoping for snow flurries, last Saturday's temp was 80 ... and there I'm standing at Wal-Mart's check-out, sweating putty balls in a hoodie.

(What on earth are you doing at Wal-Mart in Pike Road?)  Well, it seems a certain uber packer who shall remain nameless took leave of her senses and failed to include any 'unmentionables' in her suitcase. Souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes!

It may sound strange, coming from someone who doesn't put a lot of time or effort into cooking ... but a real highlight was having G'daughter #1 beside me, learning to make Great Grandma's banana nut bread for her dad's birthday.   Happily, son proclaimed it, 'great!'
Last year at Christmas I had my mom's hand-written recipe printed on linen towels 
for my DIL and both girls.  

A few favorites ...
#1 Grand and her sweet fiance, Daniel
Sarah's taking Grandpa Tom on a tour
Baby sister loves her some night mudding!
Morning after the Night Before!

No, there were no big shakes to be had.
But it was wonderfully comforting ... and Real.

Real, as in my DIL off-handedly asking, "So, when are you going to retire?"
(Normally that question - coming from anyone else - is likely to set my teeth a'griding:  "I-would-if-I-could-but-I-can't-so-I-won't.")

She followed, "Would you consider moving here?"
... and I surprised myself with a resounding, "Yes."

In the end, I guess it's as simple as that.

In spite of their home's footprint, I just can't envision us all living under one roof like the Ewing's.

Besides that nasty boss-hog rooster who lives out back behind the MIL area has it out for the backs of my legs!

Mebbe, one of those 'tiny houses' which have grown so in popularity?  (... or two, to house DH's musical equipment!)

We've lots to think about!

Son Troy, g'daughter Sarah, DH
... and Molly Jane, the wonder dog!

As always, thanks for pausing to take time from your busy lives to visit!

This is the part I'll normally wish each and every one of you a very, "Merry Christmas" ... but I've a very special share coming Wednesday eve.  
It never fails to move me, and I hope it will you, as well.

'Til then ...

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. Sounds like you and Tom enjoyed your visit with family and your love tank is full! Loved all the photos and want to thank you for sharing them with us. Loved the emphasis on "real." That's what makes it all wonderful when we can be real. So cute the way you got your mom's recipe imprinted on the linens. Excellent gift idea, I think. I'm looking forward to Wednesday and I hope you feel much better by now.


    1. I am, Mary ... thank you!
      Mostly, I appreciate how you 'get' me. :)

  2. Can't wait to see your Wednesday post :) Looked like a wonderful visit; I am so glad you did take the "plunge" and went to see them! Can't tell you how many houses we've seen in our house hunting adventures with Mother in Law suites that looked pretty darn decent :) Could work for you and Tom in Alabama; who knows!!! That was cool about the recipe on the towels :) Cooler too you got to help your grand daughter make the recipe together :)

    See you on Wednesday here :)


    1. Gosh, Betty ... I hope I haven't built up anyone's expectations too high.
      'So anxious to learn when your 'just right' home arrives on the market.

  3. I am so glad that you had a wonderful visit with your son and family. I love those towels. That recipe reminds me of my favorite banana bread recipe that uses buttermilk. I think that is what makes it so wonderfully moist. Moving to Alabama sounds like a marvelous idea. And I am so in love with those tiny houses. Maybe one for you and one for Tom. I want one too but since I still have Harley I don't think we would fit. My brother just left Kansas and moved to Louisiana. He says the south "rules". Can't wait for Wednesday!

    1. Thanks, Paula. I never thought about the buttermilk making it moist .. it's just such a waste having to throw out the rest, on account no-one (living) I know likes the taste.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time for all. I love your linen towel with the recipe on it. What a great idea! As much as I dearly love all my family, I'm glad I have my own place to come home to. Visits are wonderful but home is best.

    1. Thanks for not thinking the recipe towel sounded dumb, Ma! You're right ... one's own home (and bathroom) is best.

  5. Love the entry!!! Been missing the silly sarcasm and great wit. I like the "YES' that jumped or fell from your mouth, but agree 'not under the same roof' the Ewings and Waltons idea just doesn't work anymore (IMHO) (ha). I did get to laugh at (YOU & I) and supposedly familiar roads that go to the wrong places, like GAdsden. HA! Thou Coulda visited a friend of ours there.
    Loved the entry as always and a Hope you are feeling much better, just 'relapse'.
    Love to Brother Tom! (Are y'all Mudders now?)

    1. Silly sarcasm ... moi? LOL. Gosh, but I love your right-back-at-cha isms!
      No, I'm leaving the mud to the grandgirls ... there might be a snake in there somewhere!

  6. I can't believe you came through Birmingham and didn't give me a shout. We live about 25 miles from the airport.
    And yes it has been toasty here. It's raining now but it's getting warm enough to storm on Wednesday or so the weatherman says.
    Get to feeling better.

    1. Seriously, that close?! We'll definitely be doing it again, and I might take you up on that 'shout.' I've mentioned to Tom, time and again, that I'd love to hear you and Jilda perform. Who knows what lays in store?

  7. Well, that was jam-packed, fun, and in places downright hilarious! Wonderful post and phrasing ("Half-witted elderly aunt"). Really consider one of those "tiny houses," we are!

    1. Aw, thanks for your thumb's up ... both on my feeble attempts at humor and the tiny houses. Happy to see you here, m'dear!

  8. I love the recipe on the dishtowel. What a great idea. I forgot pajamas once. I don't think I could handle that ride in the mud. The house looks beautiful. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Oh Debby, that's a hoot! Hope you and your hubby made a sweet memory shopping for a new pair!

  9. OH MY GOSH! I love the recipe on the towel! What a great Idea! My siblings would love to have one of these with moms recipe. Sorry I may just have to steal this idea sometime!!!
    Found you from Jacks Blog. Im loving your blog as well.
    Come visit sometime.

    1. Thank you, Lisa!
      I remember having visited your blog a couple of months ago. Not sure where I 'dropped the ball', but I'm making it a point to revisit... bloggers are the BEST!

  10. So beautifully written as always! You are well loved and so blessed. Love the mudding photos. Since our backyard is huge and basically an empty dirty/weed/ lot I have done a but of mudding there myself when I tried to turn the car around and sank into the gooey muddy ground! Bwhaaaa.....Nick has done it often with those country kiddos he loves so well at school. Let me know where you bought tho precious tea towels with recipe printed. Rebekah is always asking for me to write phamily recipes down. Today I cut and pasted a potica recipe for my nephews wife from an authentic sLOVEnian website. nephew is 46 today and the bittersweetness of it all is he has not spoken to his mother (her choice) in many years.All the wordly wealthy will not replace the sadness and guilt she will have if God forbid, something were to happen to him! I pray. I hope your CHRISTmas season is merry and bright. Love your shares. You need to go to Jenny and join the Warm Heart Wednesday crowd. Loved your share of the hotel clerk. Hugs from me to you! Anne

    1. Here's a link to that ETSY shop where I had the kitchen towels printed:

      ...Don't-cha love supporting small business men and women whenever possible?


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