Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bosses and other frivolities

Hello friends, 
Has everyone enjoyed a nice weekend?

For some reason, I was feeling particularly nostalgic and weepy Friday: "Boss's Day."   Actually, I'd done my boss and myself  an enormous favor, and took the day off.  (*smile*)

Don't get me wrong!  
M's a nice enough person, but our working relationship isn't as pleasant as it could be.   
(Yes, I realize it takes two.) 

It's just, she's had some pretty stellar predecessors.  

45 years ..... 6 desks ..... 14 bosses.
My goodness, the amazing life lessons they showed me!

Larger-than-life, there was R.E. Kennedy, Vice President of West Texas Utilities.   I can close my eyes and still feel the absurdly-thick carpet beneath my feet, the maroon and mahogany appointments ... even the enormous portrait of his only child taken at her debutante ball.   
(Yes, even rural Abilene had a small but strong society.)  

The impeccably-dressed Mr. K taught me that the higher one's rank, the later one should appear in the workplace.  Isn't that a hoot?
Mostly, he taught me a measure of kindness.   Without fail, each Monday morning he'd bid me to come inside, sit down and "Tell me about your weekend." I chuckle now, wondering what in the world a person of his stature would find remotely interesting about his mousy, 21-year old secretary's life.      

There was Doyl, the countrified CPA -- first a mentor, then a friend; we became one another's confidante.   Looking back, sometimes I wonder what may have become of our relationship had I not met my husband and he, the witch who became his wife and later, broke his spirit.  

Frank ... and later, oh-so intimidating Jo Anne soon became more than my superiors  ... in large part because they never treated me as anything except their equal.   They elicit my ideas, my feelings.  Together we'd drink more than was wise and laugh louder than necessary.   
And you know what?   
Even today, I'd go to the wall for them.  In a heartbeat.
True, that!

* * *

On a cheerier note ...

I claimed not to be interested in attending another estate sale, but DH found one advertising WWII die-cast planes and asked if we might go.  In truth, most was picked over and what remained was ridiculously over-priced.

But! Over there, to the side was a cute farmhouse-style table and chairs in like-new condition!  
I was loathe to pay the $150 they were asking ... and even walked away when she dropped the price to $90.  (Idiot!)
Fortunately, we got a call early Saturday asking if we'd still like it for $77.50.  
Gotta tell you, DH and I beat feet up the 101 like the devil himself was on our heels!

Isn't it cute?

* * *

Best of all?
This morning I told my misgivings to take a hike and booked our December airfare to Alabama!

As we've all been reminded time and again, Life's awfully short.
Can't wait to hug this girl's young lady's neck and meet the chap who's stolen her heart!

As ever, thanks for pausing amid your busy lives to listen.
Take good care ... and please, don't forget to fasten your seatbelts. 

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Good bosses (leaders) are hard to find. I can count mine on less than the fingers on one hand. It is such a pleasure to work for someone who is not 'sort of an idiot', or that has an ego larger than Alaska. But the good guys make you feel so good about your job and yourself.
    Love the table and chairs. SWEET.
    I know you are gonna enjoy December! ;-)

    1. Thanks for 'getting' it, Jack.
      I remember the Programming Manager at WTSP telling me, when she was a secretary she kept a list of everything she WOULDN'T do if she ever became a boss. Refreshing, isn't it?

  2. I was talking, just this weekend, to my kids about past bosses I have had. Being my boss is how I met Richard! Love the table and chairs. And you stole it, you know!!

    1. I'd forgotten that Richard was once your boss, Paula! Like my boss 'M' is fond of saying .... There are no accidents.

  3. I love this post! I have been blessed to work the majority of my years for a good boss, but I have had a few that were pretty awful too. Your descriptions made me laugh. Thanks for taking the pic of the kitchen set. You guys did great! Very cute. Glad you booked the flight for December. It is so much fun to look forward to seeing our families.

    1. Thanks for the thumb's up, Mary! It's nice having something to look forward to again.

  4. YEA!! That you booked your airfare!!! You won't regret it ever!!!! Something to look forward to! I love the table and chairs!! Great bargain you got :) Enjoyed reading your description of your bosses; glad you took a day to yourself on Friday and avoided the office for a day. Always on the seatbelts!!


    1. Aw, thank you for your affirmations, Betty. They mean a LOT.

  5. $77.50 is a bargain for the table and chairs. Sometimes waiting has its benefits.

    I've never lived in Abilene but I'm very familiar with it. I always imagined that if a debutante ball ever occurred there it would be held at the Dairy Queen.

    As for bosses, experience has taught me that female bosses are real Bitches (with a capital B)
    Although I once had a male boss who hired me simply because he thought I was cute. Holy Crap!! (I didn't find that out until much later).

    1. Too funny about the Dairy Queen, Jon! I just hope the Junior League ladies don't get wind of this and put a pox on your house.

  6. Glad you took the day off on Bosses Day. I guess we've all had some bad and good ones, but a good one is hard to find.That table was a bargain indeed. Your trip sounds exciting. Yes, life is short and we need make the most of it.

    1. Indeed, a good boss should be treasured. Oh dear, the things I took for granted!

  7. Love the table and chairs. Life is too short not to live for today! Have a great visit.

    1. Thanks for seconding my decision, Debby. I can't wait!

  8. Sometime you do what you gotta do! I am tickled that you are taking that Alabama trip! I use to have a friend, she complained about everything, even the six figure digits sitting in her bank account!She would always say, we can't afford it, can't afford to have kids, etc. She was 55 when her husband died from cancer in in a matter of 6 weeks! She found out going thru his things after his death that he had a gal on the side and had a very expensive diamond bracelet in his safe deposit box he was planning to give the gf. I cut ties with her. There are times we can not afford to stand upright but somehow we manage to do a few fun things and I will not waste my life watching a big fat bank account get bigger and live a miserable life! When I die there will be nothing but the memories and perhaps this old house left from my legacy but I loved well and enjoyed simple things. Jeremy has a trip to Phoenix coming up. If by the grace of God I can find a way to bug him and tag along I would love to. I need to find out those dates and maybe we could at least visit on the phone in the same city! I love your stories of those past bosses. People are people my friend who is 80 something today would say. Doctors aren't anymore special than we are, except for their income. My very first boss was a gracious blue haired lady and I came to admire her so much. She had a son who was mentally disabled and she never gave up on him. Kept him home with her until he passed away. She was a strong business woman, but ethical and kind and very honest. I will never forget Mary. Oh goodness, look at me, over here writing a book! I am sorry I get so carried away. I am happy you got that super cute table and chairs too. I once set down the cutest wallet, on sale for pennies and wanted to think about it! I turned around and a little ole gal was charging to the checkstand with it at K-Mart! LOL!LOL! If I am in a discount store I will toss it in my basket and think about it that way! ANyway have a super weekend and enjoy it to the fullest! Hugs from me to you!

  9. You just keep on writing that book, Anne. I LOVE your comments! :)
    Your (former) friend sounds like a desperately insecure, unhappy soul. I think your priorities are spot-on ... when all's said and none you'll have no regrets.
    I've my fingers AND toes you make it to Phoenix!


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