Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh no!, Christmas Tree

I couldn't believe my ears!
...  On the other end of the phone line, Mother was saying there would be no Christmas tree at her house when I arrived.   "After all", she rationalized, "Troy and Lois won't be travelling to Florida this year; and it's not my turn to host bridge club."

After we hung up, I was at a loss to identify my dismay.  
Was there something wrong with her health she wasn't ready to share?   
Had her finances suffered?
 ... Had she suffered a crisis of faith?   
Ya, I've tendency to worry about the craziest things!

Truth be told, my perception of Christmas always included a tree.    Not a stately creature whose delicate branches gently curve in unison.
Oh, nooooo!   Not until DH and I found a pre-lit, faux evergreen on sale a few years ago ... most of the trees in my life may well be described as 'Charlie Brown' affairs.    (Not sure if my father felt sorry for the misshapen creatures, or if there was a 'deal' to be had!)

Mother and Troy, ca. 1981

Mother and I were left to transform the ugly ducklings.  
Bless her heart, there must have been scars on her tongue - not saying a cross word when I'd throw clumps of icicles in the direction of an exposed branch.  
Then, there was the year our arms broke out in a rash from some nasty pink stuff billed as 'angel hair.'    
Mostly, I remember the laughter.

Fast forward 40-some years, there was little laughter when my brand-new boss assigned me the task of decorating the lobby tree.   Alone.  Looking back, it's a wonder my association with the Company didn't conclude then and there!
Having no interest - and even less talent - I was sure I'd died and gone 'down there.'    Only when a friendly engineer stopped by with a ladder and a bit o'wit did I find humor in the situation:   In response to my grumbling, "I'd rather be scrubbing toilets", Glenn observed, "Well, that could be arranged."

For lots of reasons, our artificial tree remains in hibernation this year.   We've visiting privileges to others' trees.   And come to think of it, there's a brand new, nicely-adored tree in the lobby, just a few steps from my office!

Warming hugs from Phoenix!

Did I tell you?   No, I don't think I did!
This may sound incredibly childish ... but every day after Christmas when I pass a sad, abandoned 'tree lot', my heart breaks a little for the un-chosen ones.    A blogging friend who shall remain anonymous (it's HER story to tell, after all) recently shared a sweet story over breakfast:
One December 26 her hubby approached a vendor and made him an offer he couldn't refuse for the remaining trees.    He brought them home and planted around the periphery of their property, and today they thrive!   Isn't that neat?!




  1. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels sorry for leftover Christmas trees. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Nothing elaborate for me this Xmas. I'm living in an empty house in the TN mountains. My furniture won't be delivered until January. Is a "humbug" in order?

  2. I'm partial to the Charlie Brown trees since I'm such a fan of the whole Peanuts gang. Merry Christmas to you and Tom. xo

  3. Imma smiling, quote: most of the trees in my life may well be described as 'Charlie Brown' affairs. (Not sure if my father felt sorry for the misshapen creatures, or if there was a 'deal' to be had!) unquote. My boys and I would wait until the price dropped plus it was obvious which would never be picked, then we would go get the Charlie Brown. (at a good price).
    What a neat read. I could almost see you in the lobby 'happily' decorating. (smile)
    And yes that is a good story for Christmas of someone rescuing the remaining trees.
    Merry Christmas from the World of Mickey!

  4. WOW, Myra, I am the same way when I go past tree lots. Today we drove by one with lots of trees, made me sad to see so many that did not have homes yet. We are not putting a tree up this year because of the move, so I too am enjoying others trees. I am amazed your friends venture of growing the unwanted trees worked.

  5. I am like Betty is being amazed those unwanted trees grew. How wonderful for him. My tree is up and decorated, but the "glow" just isn't there this year. Merry Christmas my dear, dear friend to you and Tom!

  6. Here at my house I have several little artificial table top trees. I gave up on the big one. My family gets together for our family celebration at one or the others houses now as we've grown so big my house is too small to hold us all. So really no one sees it but me. It works for me, but I do miss the smell of pine.

  7. I feel sorry for the last trees left on the lot too. Something about a live tree that brings a smile and hope and joy.

  8. Gosh I must be terrible - I don't think about the feelings of the trees I just feel bad so many got cut down. Merry Christmas. We are just staying home and having some family over.

  9. This is the second year without a tree but we make efforts to visit other trees and snap pics of us by them. Haha. We're remodeling the dining room and there are power tools in the kitchen and chairs from the dining room set in the living room and I've lost the decorating desire. Love the cards though and hung them! Thank you for yours! We put the lights on the pines out front...tsk, tsk. Big Christmas hugs to you and Tom!

  10. I have nothing but wonderful memories of Christmas past as a child. I am highly allergic to the real stuff these days but have a beautiful Trader Joe's wreath adorning the outside of our front door. I worked with a lady Diana who took two days to arrange the light son the tiny 3 foot office tree she carefully decorated each year. Then she hung ornaments, She is a dear heart. Loved the tree lot story. Oh those lovely trees but I chuckle when I think of the Christmas Vacation movie and Chevy Chase chugging down the road with that silly tree and the giantic roots and all! LOL! Hugs to you.


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