Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Laid Plans ...

Update ...
Thank you all for your prayers n' positivity!   Tom's surgery went well, albeit a little longer than expected -- doc says his bones are like 'concrete.'
(To which his former admin wrote, "so's his head!")

Off to physical therapy/boot camp now.   Have a great day everyone.   Stay warm, stay safe!

You'd think by the time I'd reach this age, I'd know better.   I'd curb my enthusiasm.

Oh nooooo.    For a few years now, we've I've toyed with the idea of revisiting Santa Fe and my hometown -  but set it aside as being fiscally irresponsible.   Then, this powerful post made me sit up and re-examine my priorities.   

Game on!   Reservations were finalized for the long Thanksgiving weekend, and the anticipation of tasting authentic New Mexico cuisine again had me salivating.     

Then, after two years of DH's oncologists' "maybe's" and "we'll have to see's" ..... Tom got a call a couple of weeks ago ... an 'all-clear' for hip replacement surgery.  

Have to admit, at first I was less than gracious when hubby called.   (Control freaks hate having their plans changed, don't-cha-know!)
In lightning-like speed one thing led to another, and the deed's being done tomorrow at 11:30.      

While the mechanics seem almost as routine as a tonsillectomy, my only concern is how Tom's oncologist and orthopedic-dude agree to orchestrate his blood thinner.   
Seriously, it's like when I used to work for a couple CPA's who'd often feud over the silliest things:   "Myra, would you tell Doyle ...."  
Followed shortly by, "Myra, tell Cliff ...."

Driving home tonight, Doc #1's assistant calls to ask me to tell Doc #2 tomorrow not to do the filter, but instead resume the shots.   
(Seriously? ... I wanted to say, "Tell him yourself!")

I'm pretty sure everything will turn out fine and Tom will be able to return to his beloved game of golf come Spring.
... Still, prayers are certainly appreciated!

... and the good thing?   I don't have to worry about eating turkey next Thursday! :)
If anyone has some great tapas recipes, won't you let me know?

Hugs from Phoenix!



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  2. I need a proof reader....
    I get a kick out of every visit here. Imma thinking we are a lot a like, we will go to Plan C if we have to, but we really don't want to.
    The best to Tom tomorrow. All will go well and he will be back on his game. I wish I could enjoy that game, it must work for stress, but so far I haven't had any luck along those lines.
    I know Tom is happy to have his girl, you are a card. He knows he is a lucky dog.
    Things will fall into place one day.
    Love from a cool florida...

  3. I believe in the power of prayer. Prayers are headed your way. Tapas sound delicious.

  4. Saying a prayer, Myra. They will be careful with the blood thinner and will make sure all is safe in that regard prior to surgery. So does that mean you aren't going to Santa Fe over Thanksgiving?

    From what I hear, getting over a hip replacement is easier than a knee for some reason. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

  5. Prayers and wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery !

  6. We are alike in more ways than one. I, too, am a control freak. And it makes me (and everyone around me) crazy. But it is what it is. Saying prayers for you and Tom for his surgery. Let us know how he's doing!

  7. Sending prayers for Tom. Please post an update when he's recuperating.

    I hear ya on that Plan C. In our house we ALWAYS have a plan C too. Things around here never proceed as planned. LOL!

  8. Sorry for your change of plans, but glad for the go-ahead for the surgery. I am keeping Tom in my prayers ... and you, as well.

  9. I am confused - but i think he has had his hip finished and after a few changes - he is okay? I know once he gets walking around in a month - he will be so happy that he had it done. Prayers. sandie

  10. I'm happy it went well, Myra. Tom and I are praying for his full recovery and I hope you are doing well too. Please give that man of yours a hug from me. Love you guys.

  11. Prayers for Tom's healing. Have fun in your home town this Thanksgiving. Make some memories.

  12. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!!!

  13. Wishing you and Tom a peaceful Christmas season.

  14. I am glad your husband's surgery went well. I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  15. I think you two will have to do that New Mexico trip another time but just think how wonderful you will both feel! Like teenagers again! I know the surgery went well! Prayers sure help don't they? Having good doctors doesn't hurt either!


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