Saturday, July 19, 2014

I fibbed ...

Happy weekend, friends!

...not much, how about you?
Unless you count two truck-loads full of  'schtuff' bound for Goodwill as noteworthy.   (Um, I didn't think so either.)

Actually, it was those long overdue partings of the ways that got me thinking.    And feeling a bit restless.
... which, given my present circumstances, isn't such a great combination.

A pleasant compromise is in order.   But first, a confession.

I fibbed.
Why, with just a glance at my Pinterest dreams boards, you'd have reason to believe I'm 'in lust' for grand homes with enormous, state-of-the-art kitchens and sweeping stairwells.   Think Ben Cartwright's 'Ponderosa.'  

Not so.
Evelyn Willer's daughter is becoming more like her mother every day. When faced with sprawling spaces, the first thing to cross my mind is 'how much would THAT cost to heat and cool?'
... followed by, 'and effort to keep clean?'

Having spent my childhood in a government-assigned 'quad'  -- and, like my fictional 'bestie', Kinsey Millhone -- I instinctively gravitate towards really small places.    It's been years since I saw The Bodyguard ... but didn't Whitney Houston's character sleep in a tiny room down the hall, far from her opulent master suite?   I "get" that.

So, I've become fascinated with the idea of RV-living.   Then again, it's such fun to witness the tiny-home movement grow in popularity.   Do you suppose they come with a panic room?    I've always wanted one of those! :)         

On the other hand ...
DH considers our 1,800 sq. ft. house somewhat small.   The last year of his helping maintain the yard and pool - while battling cancer - has (obviously!) been a burden.   He's not exactly come out and said so, but I suspect he'll be agreeable to downsizing in the next year or so.  

Have you any recommendations - or warnings! - which might serve us well?    This whole idea might come to nothing -- but for now, it's wonderfully nice to dream.

Hugs from Phoenix!




  1. I always say that I'd love to get another RV and travel some more. I think I'd be very happy to give up my house and just live in an RV.

    Have you ever had one or travelled in one?

    PS - I like Kinsey Millhone too. :-)

  2. Life, God, and smart management has given us some great places to live. We have two 2800sqft Condo's on our own land and a couple more places BUT we both prefer this about 300 sqft Motor home.. it cleans in a couple hours inside and an hour or so outside.
    It isn't for everyone, but it fits us to a T.
    We are especially blessed to have a place to store some things and it doesn't cost storage fees.

    We have been a couple tight wads in our marriage and insisted in living debt free. It has worked for us, but we have been very blessed with health and abilities.

    Ity has been said aging in a RV is smart. Getting older you always have something to hold onto as you maneuver. So me just might age in this thing. (smile) Yeah I know we have already aged. hahaha.

    STILL stuff is one of the hardest things to cut loose from. How does one 'GET RID OF FAMILY PHOTOS?" Impossible. Mama's Cedar chest is a problem. Children's childhood trophies? Quilts mama made!
    TOUGH decisions.
    We have a friend up in the mts of New Mex who is trying that just now and it is tough.
    BEst of luck, Living small? the most important thing I have found is you must Love each other.
    Love from the Catskills, headed for Maine Monday morning.

  3. Lord help, Did I write that much? I meant to say from the beginning, I love your header picture (graphic) and name!.

  4. We talk about downsizing too but with all the kids so close it is tough. One of these days. I would like a nice ranch. I like things one one level but they are the pricey models! Shoot, unless we win the lotto we might be here under the kids until the end of time! LOL! I am glad I stopped by. It has been a busy summer and work is maddening! So I am finally getting some time to viist. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. I think it will be great if you downsized, Myra. You know how Jack and Sherry like RV'ing; that might work for you and your hubby :) But definitely smaller with less work is the way to go, I think! I personally would be happy in a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo type setting where someone else is responsible for yard maintenance. Of course in the unique situation I'm in, I'm a little jaded about things and I'm still on strike about cleaning the house (haven't cleaned in over 2 years) so maybe I'm not the best person to be giving advice. Praying about it is always a good thing I think :)


  6. I'll tell you the truth my hubby and I due to medical reasons can't really take care of the house we've got and downsizing would be a godsend. I do not know anything about rv's, but cleaning out the clutter for a smaller space if you're thinking about it could probably be a good move. I wish you luck whatever you decide.

  7. You've hit a major chord with me. The older I get (not that I'm OLD, mind you - - *smile*) the more I am intrigued with the idea of downsizing. The house that I presently have is FAR too big for one person and the enormous yard is one ENORMOUS nightmare to maintain.

    During the past month (with an unusual amount of Texas rain) I've spent 90% of my time trying desperately to maintain the yard. I need to keep it looking presentable since I'm trying to sell the house. I mowed the back yard for three hours yesterday. Today I have to tackle the front.
    The yard work here is literally killing me.

    The amount of things that I have is overwhelming. I not only have my own stuff, I still have most of my deceased parent's possessions. If I EVER sell my house, I want to get a much smaller place.

    RV's are extremely beautiful and tempting, but they are also expensive to maintain and usually become a big nuisance. I know of several older people (my uncle included) who had them and eventually sold them. The wanderlust idea of eternal travel wears VERY thin after awhile.

    A mobile home might be a better idea - especially since you live in AZ where the climate is FAIRLY mild (you probably won't get blown away in a tornado, etc). Do they still call them "mobile homes", or are they now "manufactured homes"? I'm hopelessly behind the times.

    Anyway, downsizing is a fantastic idea and I'm all for it.

  8. I downsized about 20 years ago after my husband passed away. Still It's a good size house with a basement and an attic full of stuff. The yard is small but still has to be maintained. I'll probably be here as long as I can as it's cheap living being all paid for. None of us knows what might lie ahead but I'm hoping to be able to keep up for a long time yet.

  9. Oh, you sound like my parents! They always dreamed of downsizing in retirement and becoming serious RVers. It never happened because Dad never reached retirement. I don't have any advice because I'm stupid on the matter, but I do think it sounds like an adventure!

  10. We love our RV but I'll be honest, I wouldn't want to live in it full time. I have friends who travel to and fro and live a few months here and there a few months. It works for them and might well work for you. Keep us posted.


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