Saturday, May 3, 2014

Word play

I wonder sometimes...  why is it we tend to overlook others' goofs lots faster than we do our own?   
Tho' sometimes prone to beat myself up over harmless missteps ...  I'm so enjoying being 'this age' and learning to laugh them off.

Isn't this classic?  I just want to jump into that cartoon with those gals!
Speaking of 'classic' ...
Something happened the other day which took me right back to '67:   
Following a youth fellowship meeting, I spotted this parked right outside the Baskin-Robbins.  My eyes grew wide: "Why, look at that __________."   ... pronouncing the model exactly as it was spelled.   Yessiree, I did. :(

Years later I went toe-to-toe with my boss, insisting "irregardless"  is too a word.
Come to think of it, that was about the same time I learned my reluctance to eat chicken had absolutely nothing to do with chicken-fried steak.

One of my favorite stories surrounds my parents' excursion on a Russian freighter.    The captain and crew really extended themselves, hoping their 30-some American passengers were enjoying themselves.   Of course, that included an impromptu "Welcome Reception."  The captain stood tall and raised his glass of champagne to the small assembly.   In broken English he proudly exclaimed, "Up your bottoms!"

Don't you suppose every family or close-knit clan has their own favorite MIS-definitions or phrases that live on and on?   I know of 2-3 that only a few remaining family members would 'get'  -- but they're sweeter for the telling.  

This isn't one of them ... but I hope my definition of a 'rear-view' mirror might catch on someday.  LOL!

Have you a favorite 'uh-oh' moment that makes you smile all over again?  

Hugs from toasty Phoenix!


  1. Several years ago I picked up a package for my boss from an old friend of his. Boss wrote out a check in return and asked me to deliver it to his friend. He wasn’t sure about the spelling of his last name so I confidently spelled it out and he said it didn’t look right. I stood my ground and he addressed the check accordingly. I was way off. But when his friend received the check, he smiled big and was so gracious to this arrogant babe. “Not to worry,” he said. “The girl at the bank knows me so well, I could sign an ‘X’ and she would cash it!


  2. We definitely have our mis-definitions in our family. Son has a Malibu, one time I called it a Caribou (which I thought was a cute name, LOL) so now it is called a Caribou :)

    So cute with what the captain said on the freigher. I bet the Americans got a bit of a chuckle :)


  3. Shucks, I think that is a beautiful Grand Pricks! Great entry, and we do think alike. I say bad words to myself about little stupid things I do.
    Hope Brother Tom is doing well and you too in the HEAT of the day and night.
    In the 8th grade I was called on to read aloud. I came to the word Sioux and pronounced it Si-OX, to EVERYONE's ENJOYMENT! If laughter extends life, they got an extra 5 years. LOL
    Great subject. Love from North Carolina.

  4. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, for sure. Love the story about your parent's excursion.

  5. For a long time I believed that till -- short for until -- was a word. I was pretty stubborn about that. I think I'm a lot easier going in these later years. Most things that might have gotten me upset don't look very important now. Wishes for a good week!

  6. Thanks for my LOL moment today.

  7. This reminds me of when I was in nursing school and during my psych rotations there was a Doctor whose last name was Didlo....While I was addressing him , all professional-like, and called him Dr. Dildo....I almost died of embarrassment. He never even acted like he noticed...

  8. Getting ready for bed and smiling as I read your words. Tomorrow I pray I will catch up more! Hugs to you my friend.

  9. :Laughed RIGHT OUT LOUD at the car!! I don't know cars, but I know that one.

    I loved the rear view mirror, too.

    Our family has too many to mention. We are constantly making up words as we go along or getting some expression all bent and twisty. I'm the worst of the bunch.

    The bad thing is when you forget that you are intentionally mispronouncing it and use the incorrect family "adaptation" around people who just think you're stupid.

    For example, I really DO know how to pronounce the word phlegm, but we have called it "fleg-um" for so long that that's how I naturally say it. It's embarrassing when you realize that you have said it to someone else.

    Of course, if you stoop to discussing phlegm in the first place, why stress over mispronunciation? :LOL


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