Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cupcakes, battleships ... and stuff

Happy Birthday America!
Why, hello again!
Isn't it high time I stick my toes back in the water?
But first, I want to send the biggest hugs I know how... for your prayers and well-wishes.    The outpouring of support DH and I've received from Blogland is a bit overwhelming ... and I've no words to adequately express our gratitude.
Tuesday morning, Tom's finished his 2nd round of chemo (with few ill effects, thank God!) ... and is looking to "graduate" from simultaneous radiation therapy by mid-month.
Granted, our story's probably no different than the thousands of others who've walked this path.   Still, I never envisioned the spirited, good-natured fella I know and love turn into an angry someone one minute ... frighteningly depressed the next.   Not sure if I wasn't more concerned (make that, terrified) about the disease, or DH's attitude ... reluctance to eat ... to just engage.
Then, early one morning I stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen .... and discovered DH sitting nearby with a bowl of potato chips wearing a big smile.
As is to be expected (I suppose), there've been infuriating ups n' downs since then ... but the ups are more and more frequent.   Woo-hoo!
In answer to those who've asked, the most his doctors will say is, "You're progressing exactly as expected."  There's simply no answers to be had at this time; at least until month-end when the doctor orders another PET or similar lookie-loo.
Meanwhile, we celebrate the GOOD hours ...
and some cupcake love!
Hugs from NYC
Speaking with "Alabama son" last month, Troy mentioned  a "little something" included in my Mother's Day card.   When I began to protest -- isn't that what moms do? --  he interrupted, "But, there's strings attached to the check."  
... and went on to explain:   "For every new beginning, for every milestone and hurdle crossed, please, Mom ....go buy a cupcake.   Stick a candle in its center, then each of you make a wish."  
Isn't that neat?   Ya, I've a pretty awesome son.
DH says, "I look like ET!"
In an effort to play along with the rules, we've only observed 8 cupcake suppers so far ... and just about exhausted our local supermarkets' offerings.   Between my work schedule and medical stuff, I've little time (and less patience!) to explore the Valley's noted confectionary spots.  
So, it's off to the World-Wide Web!!!   
French Toast ... yes!
Does anyone else recall these folks being featured on Shark Tank?    I've not yet placed an order, but will definitely share a review ... once we've made up our minds! 
Finally, I want to share a few scenes from a great Father's Day morning ...
Grandpa Tom, (son) Tommy, Mitchell, Audrey and Vivian
Lovely DIL, Shaunna and Viv
Mitchell's a quick learner!
I get a peaceful, easy feeling ....
Thanks for sticking by our sides ... and through this post!   I'll be back!
Wishing everyone a fun and SAFE Independence Day.   
Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Awwwwww! sugar!! What a beautiful son ... cupcakes make everything better. Hubby looks amazing ... & look at that beautiful family of yours. How lucky for you to have them by your side.

    The one comforting thing I found when I was terribly sick with Crohn's ... that saved my soul ... prayer with God quietly. Knowing that others were in far better shape than I & gratitude for my loving family ... made pray more for those less fortunate than I.

    May God hold you both closely. I wish I were closer to just be by your side, share love & pray with you.

    Have a beautiful 4th,my friend.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  2. So glad for the good times. Hold them close. Keeping up prayers for you both. xo

  3. Hi Sweet Friend! Love these photos, love the cupcake deal! I saw cupcakes at my Safeway store for $5.99 a dozen! I thought that was a great deal! It is good to hear good news and I know you two have been through lots! Yet you sent my sis a card and she was tickled! She finally had her procedure this week on Wednesday! and went home the same day! Wow! She is getting along and appreciated your thoughtfulness in the midst of her illness. She was taken back because of Tom dealing with his own illness, she was overwhelmed that you took a moment to remember her. God Bless You! I am always happy visiting you here and I like the cupcake idea a lot! Your son is a bright fellow. Hugs Anne

  4. Hello dear Myra! I'm so sad to learn about DH's lung cancer, but it sounds like you're being strong, and optimistic....which of course is the best way to be in these situations. The cupcake idea is so sweet! (in more way than one! Ha!) You definitely do have a fabulous son!! Sending you hugs and happy thoughts!! Love you!

  5. Hello I have been wondering about the both of you. Taking one day at a time and having cupcakes too. There are never really any answers are there? I am still praying. sandie

  6. OK, the cupcake thing made me smile, and then it made me well up with tears. It happened all in one minute, too. I guess a range of emotions is exactly what you're describing. I well remember my father having that range, and I remember that as hard as it was for us (kids), it was so much harder for my mom because she loved him differently than anyone else on the planet. I know you know what I mean by that.

    The photos look wonderful. I'm believing for a great report when the pet scan takes place, better than even the doctors expect.


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