Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why, hello again!  

Not counting the frenzy surrounding integrations at my workplace, I've been suffering from a bad case of SLACKER-itis here on the home-front!
 .... followed closely by the "should'ves" and "could'ves."  (sigh)

Just curious.   How are your Christmas gift-lists progressing?  

Personally, I'm NOT fond of shopping in stores.     Long before the internet became my obsession, I was -- and remain -- a big fan of Christmas catalogs.

My first!
If only in my dreams!

Regardless of cost, I've always clung to the fantasy of being the bearer of THAT gift which would produce a gasp of delight ... a belly laugh, even. (Daydream believer ... yep.)

And when did it become socially-acceptable .... expected even, to demur when asked "What would you like?"     I'm thinking how delightful it would be to witness mature (ahem!) guys n' gals let their inner children out to play, and write long lists for Santa.  

I'm so blessed to recall some fantastical moments from holidays past ... and may share a few in the coming weeks.    But right now, I'm aching for some inspiration.
Are you more inclined to gift something a loved one wants ... or, what they need?  

Any secrets up your sleeve this year?  ... or secret yearnings?    I promise not to tell!




  1. Gosh the only inspiration I have for you is to enjoy and look for the Christmas in every day this month. Sorry - wish I had more! sandie

  2. I remember getting lots of catalogs growing up and enjoying looking through them. I also loved when my kids were younger and we got lots of catalogs. They would look through them and circle what they wanted and away I would go ordering what I wanted them to have. I'm a firm believer of asking what someone wants and get them what they want or if there is something I perceive they need. I only have four to buy for this year and I'm going easy with what they want as well as gift cards so I should have shopping "wrapped" up so very soon!

    Best thing is just to go out and get it done and then you can relax the rest of the season and enjoy!


  3. Oh I love those Christmas catalogs! We do a Secret Santa at home so I had my oldest daughter Noelle. She wanted an electric tea kettle. It was fun putting that together for her with a few boxes of her favorite Darjeeling tea and honey!


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