Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy New Year (Part II)

Perhaps you're thinking, "Is she nuts? ... Already, we're 90-some days into 2012!".    

Personally, I'm big into private celebrations of my own fiscal year.  A time to pause and take inventory.   What I should change ... then again, what's probable.  
That said, here's my Big 3:

Positive food choices -- vs. "stress consumption" as my doctor labels it.  While I've not yet kissed-and-made-up with the treadmill, there's an astonishing array of fun (and pretty!) veggie ideas I'm just discovering out on Pinterest.

Less liver-flavoured toothpaste and more positivity!
Left to my own devices, I'm entirely too serious. (yes, really.)  
But!   I love what a wise woman recently shared about setting a certain time aside -- giving myself permission to feel angry/sad.  Then, when that 15, or 30 minutes is up ... it's time to move on.

Finally ... da' biggie:  I want need to become more observant!!!
Pretty sure it's a given (that) few of us possess the eyes-to-mind-synergy of a Secret Service agent!

.... but neither is it an excuse!   And what a waste of my God-given eyesight!

One of my gal-pals recently confided her concern about developing AD: 
She'd driven somewhere routine, but upon arrival had absolutely no recollection of the commute!    Unfortunately, I've been guilty of having had that same experience for decades now!  (Only occassionally, folks!)

So, that's my homework for 2012/13.   (Frankly, the word "Resolution" scares me.)   I've said it before, you ladies n' gents are better than Professional Therapy!  (and so inexpensive - lol!)

For your positive, funny and insightful  ... thank you and big-ole' hugs!   

Talk soon!


  1. I find that carrying my camera with me helps me focus on what I'm seeing and not just breeze by. I've been doing this now for three years -- thanks to blogging -- and it's made a big difference in what I see. Hugs across the miles!

  2. I admit I do not have the same eye for observation as my well trained ex-cop husband. But, I also know that we tend to see what is on our interest list. I see many things that my husband never sees. While he is busy checking out the area for what is out of place I get to see ( and photograph) what is actually there.

    I agree with Buttercup, carrying a camera helps me see what I think others would like for me to share. I may get mugged one day because I was focusing on that fantastic bit of scenery and not the bad guy on the corner. But, oh well------- it is what it is.

  3. I call it selective seeing. I'm sure one day that it will get me into trouble. But I tend to be on auto pilot alot.

  4. I wish the journey was all positive but I am learning too that every day holds treasures despite challenges that try to steal my joy. It's all good if my attitude is right.

  5. Oy-ish! You rubbing off on me?! Chuckle. Great write, Mevely.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Easter ~
    TTFN ~

  6. Myra, I'm stopping by to wish you and DH a wonderful Easter. Hope you get to spend it with the Grands. They add so much more to any occasion, don't you think?

  7. Have a wonderful Easter!


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