Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To box ... or Shadowbox?

Like so many of their generation, my folks were Savers.

Only recently, have I allowed myself to revisit their carefully preserved mementos:   Hope-chest treasures 'n trinkets... prayers and prose -- some dating back to the early 1800’s.   I’d barely paid them any mind.

Still, most are chronicled, for surely momma sensed there’d be a time her daughter would come looking.

Maternal grandparents' marriage certificate.
Their wedding picture, below.

Grandma's curling iron ... she used to heat on the stovetop!

My mother's dress and sweet shoe.

So, I had the notion to create shadowboxes for my son and his family.

Did I just say, "had"?

Not being blessed with a single “crafty” gene in my body, I wasn’t deterred. It’s just …. the sheer ENORMITY of material that’s scary. 

What to showcase; what to put back?   Paralyzed by indecision .... then came an epiphany:  
Most likely, I'm trying to project ....not stopping to think if this would be a welcomed gift, particularly for girls still in their teens.

So, in spite of the holidays "to-do" lists, I'm crafting a memento for Me, Myself and I!  

If you’ve any hands-on experience …. or words of wisdom, I’d love to hear!


  1. I've never done a shadow box, and I have long wanted to. My reason is the same as yours. WHAT to use among all the treasures. My sister did one for her husband with some old photos of him and his farmer dad along with some farm tools. It turned out really nice.

    I just love all of your treasures. You have my mind racing now, wanting to do one too.

  2. What wonderful treasures you have there my girlfriend. Whew.

    I have made on - I kept all the things from my son and DIL wedding like the menu - the announcement - picture - I went and got some wedding things at the scape book store.

    I bought the box from Hallmark.

    They have some at Micheal's too.

    I thought it turned out gorgeous.

    Two problems - they are not really big so I don't know how something like that curling iron would fit.

    Two - I don't even know if DIL still has it.

    You can buy some wax and that helps things stand out and stay in place.

    Hope this helps a little.


  3. I love shadow boxes, I get mine at most any hobby store, or even Goodwill (you can always tear them apart and repaint) Once the background is in--scrapbook paper, old memento, or fabric, I then just add to it with a mix of things--leaving some negative space. I use either a glue gun, or foam adhesive to secure the items. Sometimes I stitch them down. In my hot country, you have to make sure stuff won't melt. I am working on one now with my parents wedding certificate and things from their lives.

  4. I just love shadow boxes, although I don't have a single one. I have some things I'm considering for one and plan to recruit some professional help with it. Your treasures are magnificent!

  5. What a great idea. I'm not too crafty either, but what the heck....we can learn, right? Your keepsakes are beautiful and should be displayed!

  6. What you have is an absolute treasure. Look at your grandmothers curling iron, and wedding photo.
    A chest to keep treasure is important for the future because change comes so suddenly.
    I am one of those tidy people who throw most things out. I have only kept a couple of treasures. My daughter on the other hand keeps so such. I have been thrilled to see some of my very old things again. You are very blessed.

  7. Treasures....that's what you have in these found things. Love looking at stuff people saved....things that speak of who they were....their life stories.....Have fun with makes me wish I had family to discover but I 'll leave things for my girls....memories for them to discover and remember.

  8. Myra, it is wonderful to have those momentoes. Love the baby shoe & dress. Don't you just feel the presence of each person when you touch those precious items. I am a real saver of family treasures. Today I was ironing the 101 year old baptismal gown G'ma Maggie made. I am going to retire it & have it framed. Oh, how the memories rushed as I ironed the thin fabric, so delicate, with the delicate laces ...

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving sweet friend ~
    Please send me your mailing address.
    TTFN ~

  9. Hi Myra Sweetie...
    Oh sweetie, I had to pop over and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving before things get crazy and I didn't make it over. I am SO thankful for our friendship, and can't wait until we get together again. Before Christmas, don't forget.

    I would love to help you in any way that I can. Just let me know. Sometimes I go to the craft store and look at what they have to offer, boxes and such, and then try to get an idea of what I have that would fit in it. Backgrounds, colors, everything, right down to the last little detail. I had my head spinning just looking at some of your gorgeous pieces of love.

    Hugs to you sweet friend. SO many hugs. Love, Sherry

  10. No words of wisdom and I'm certainly not crafty. At least not in the sense you're interested in. What an interesting post. Good stuff!

    Thanks for dropping by with words of encouragement. I'm glad I was missed.

  11. Gosh, those are treasured items!

  12. Where are you Myra? Chuckle! I think blogger dumped me from following you, but I am now.

    TTFN ~

  13. Merry Christmas, Myra! Hope this holiday weekend is very special for you. Thank you ever so much for your friendship!

  14. Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  15. Oh sister, you are so blessed to have so many great treasures from your momma and don't worry about not being crafty. Go visit Pinterest and you will get so many wonderful ideas that you can do with her things. The main thing is do not get rid of anything because every single thing they had can be used in some way. I've missed you!


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