Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Interview

Having concluded a grueling month-long project, I’m trying to just relax and recapture a few ordinary experiences I wanted to share.
Off the top of my head ….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Surprised – I was somewhat reluctant when asked to join a few members of management  last month ~ conducting panel interviews for an Accounting Supervisor.
All these years later, that word “interview” still creeps me out!

Reviewing a list of politically-correct questions, I had to smile .... remembering my own early interview experiences: “Do you attend church? Which one?”
(How far we’ve come, eh?)

I’m almost embarrassed to share one question I was assigned to ask:
In your own words, how do you define the word ‘integrity’?”
I felt like Bert Parks in drag.

The first finalist – a lady about my own age – presented nicely, albeit nervously.

I’d taken an immediate liking to “J.” Her answers were obviously unrehearsed; at times she stumbled. Her need to be liked was almost palatable.

She reminded me of me.

The others disagreed: “We’ve no time to nurture. ‘D’ would chew her up and spit her out in a few weeks time.”

"Mevely-the-nice judge" was fully prepared to dislike Finalist #2.

Instead, “S” was engaging – and soon engaged everyone at the table. Polished and charismatic, his answers were spot-on. No question who’d be asked to join the team.

So, weeks after the fact, everyone's learning to play nicely with one another.   And the "nice judge" is trying to shake comparing "S" with those kids in high school to whom popularity and perfectionism came so effortlessly. 

Oh yeah, I've gotta give "Mr. Annoying" the benefit of the doubt... stop fantasizing about purchasing a saddle for his high horse.

But every now and then, I catch myself wondering if “J” found her own happy landing spot.

Mostly, I give thanks for not ever having to endure a panel interview!

I don’t know …. do you think panel interviews are effective?


  1. I've been on both ends of a panel interview, and I do not like them. I tend to be "Debbie the nice judge" too, and I probably would have had my heart tendered the way yours was.

    And I laughed right over my coffee cup over "Bert Parks in drag." LOL

  2. I do not agree with Panel interviews at all - I don't think they are fair whatsoever. You can lose a great employee for someone who talks well.

  3. Panel interviews are murder on the one being interviewed! Talk about facing a firing squad! I've tried for months to comment on your blog dear lady with no success. I did some tweaking on Blogger this a.m, so hopefully and finally this will make it through. Have missed being able to connect on your blog entries. Loved your anniversary entry way back...and more since. Hope all is well in AZ. ONly 28 degrees here this morning. Ugh...the W word is coming!


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