Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daydreams n' Old Things

Thank you, Dayle, for hosting, Simple Pleasures ... what a mid-week "lift"! 

Having spent the last few days trying to out-wit a stubborn head cold,  I've rediscovered crazy pleasure -- simply by recalling a childhood ritual. 

* * *

In momma's household, there was no room for argument!

At the first sign of a sniffle or sore throat, out came the ceremonial application of Vicks VapoRub.   Liberally coated from chest to throat, my neck was swaddled in an ancient strip of flannel, then securely pinned.
Salt-water gargle,  a vaporizer and extra steamer blanket might accompany the ritual.

On special occasions, I was permitted to come downstairs to watch TV… to loll(!) on the living room sofa ~ which boasted not one, but two (top and bottom!) freshly ironed sheets.

Warmed “honey milk” and tapioca pudding.  Why, being sick was almost pleasurable!  

Who has time for that sort of thing nowdays?  
All grown up now, I'd laugh off any suggestion to re-enact.

Just the same, I like what Flavia has written:  "Remembering is a journey our heart takes into a time that was ... and our thoughts are the only tickets needed to ride."

Yes, Vicks still has a place in my medicine cabinet … and in my heart.


  1. Wouldn't be without it!!
    I's wonderful for when you are feeling poorly.
    And it has lots of memories for me too:-)

  2. I love you post. I wish I could back in time tonight and tell my grandmother goodnight. She also believed in Vicks, ironed sheets and tapioca.

  3. My husband does the same thing ... the minute he starts to feel like a cold or a stuff nose are coming on, the Vicks is in use. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  4. I absolutely love this and get it completely. I'll step out on a limb here to say that I have thought recently how so many children are not even given the "simple pleasure" as it were of being sick. Our culture is so rushed and hurried to get back to the grind that we dope them up and send them back.

  5. We use Vicks here also. Even though, I was not as pampered as you :), I still reached for this soothing balm to help with my ailments.

    Thank you for sharing...I really like the header you have used.

    Be blessed,


  6. This is makes me go back to those days also..and yes, my husband has to use Vicks also, which makes me always go back down memory lane.

  7. Love your post and the last pargraph !!!
    My mother used Soltice oh I remember those good ole days !!

  8. The joy of memory is one of life's greatest pleasures, even remembering our illnesses of yesterday, and the remedies for them. My husband swears by Vicks, by the way.

  9. Memories are a great Simple Pleasure!

  10. I can smell the Vicks memories. Still use it. Good stuff!

  11. I wish I would have read this before I wrote my recent post on a trip down memory lane. Perhaps I would have seen it in a different light.

    I'm way behind as usual and catching up today. I send my love to you and DH. Hope all is well with you and your part of the world. I would love to have some of your climate about now. I've had all I can handle of rain, storms, flooding and tornados. Between the relatives in Alabama and Georgia and the good folks in Joplin Mo. combined with our friends and neighbors I would love to be where there is no sign of weather damage.


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