Tuesday, November 23, 2010


OK, there's probably not a soul alive who's not heard (or witnessed) recent horror stories of the TSA v. John Doe.

So, prior to our mini-vacation, I was overly curious.  Imagine my let-down when, at Sky Harbor's Terminal 4, there were no scanners, no itchy fingers.  Same old, same old.

Not so fast!  Returning home a week later, I was asked to step aside.
Was it my beady little eyes ... my attempts to appear nonchalant ....my choice of clothing? 
Yes, that's it!:  Baggy pants and even baggier hoodie ... bearing an oversize logo from a certain University.    As I detoured after the warden inspector, another called loudly, "Roll Tide!"   (Trying to "get my goat?  I swear, he even winked!)

Have to admit, "my" inspect-ress was wonderful.    Obviously, I didn't know what to expect .... certainly not her courtesy and professionalism.    Initially, she asked, was I bruised or tender anywhere?   She then explained the procedure in detail before ever laying a hand on me.   Did I want a private room?   ("Honey, I lost most of my modesty 10 years ago.")   The whole process took maybe 60 seconds.

The funny part?  .....Her expression when I remarked, "thank you; I appreciate your guys trying to keep us safe."

Suspicious .... Say whaaaaat? 

Actually, its a lesson learned from my son shortly after 9/11.   As crazy as it seems, I honestly appreciate TSA's efforts.

Clearly, there's no excusing some recent behaviors ... unfortunately, there are jerks in all parts of society.
Still, I think the vast majority of these are decent men and women, tasked with a near-impossible job description.    I wouldn't want to "do" it!  Would you?

Meanwhile, let's just pray someone arrives at a better idea!


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    What a precious post this morning. Momma just came for a visit, and she went through Terminal 4, and entered and exited this trip with out any pat downs or searches. She at 75 was quite concerned, but thankfully was not a chosen one.

    How wonderful of you, to thank them as well. I know they are only doing their jobs and they have to take a lot from so many people, with the holidays I feel safer just knowing they are doing this, maybe it will stop some of the flight problems. We can never be to careful.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving sweetie. I am so blessed and SO thankful to have you for a friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  2. I know that it has to be done - but I am always done - I have an artificial hip - I can't even run! And do I look dangerous? I do it although I hate it and I am sure that I'll be 'searched' too on my next trip!

    You have a great attitude!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Hey now, a different view has spoken! This was a dandy post and needed to be said. I fly in two weeks to NC for a babygirl fix, and have been wondering what the "procedure" would be like. I'm not so worried now....just go with the flow, right?

  4. Your words are the only positive expression regarding TSA I've heard and make me change my attitude. You are so good for me!

  5. Sooooooooooo nobody messed with your junk huh LOL

    Hey Mevely............where do you buy your red hats? I know a lady who is a cashier in the grocery store and a part of the Rat Hats, but she has no red hat. I mean she has a little beanie, but not a big gorgeous red one. I've looked and looked but cannot find one. Thanks, Luvs ya Mollye


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