Friday, February 26, 2010

Wheeee! Today is DH’s Birthday!

I don’t know if it’s a gender-thing or what …. But so far, he’s stymied my best efforts to script the day. “Why don’t we wait and see what I feel like?”
(Yes, as a matter of fact, that IS the sound of my teeth grinding!)

Oh, what the hey ... I love him, and love hanging out - whatever the occasion. It's all in our attitudes, hmmm?

Still, I couldn’t resist publishing this evidence of his 2nd birthday party celebration "a while back" … together with an excerpt from the invitation I sent a few years ago:

Nursery Supper
- Excerpted from Jane Stern‘s delightful book, Square Meals.

How nice it is, in a world filled with mean, scary people like landlords, motor vehicle bureau personnel and headwaiters, to set aside time for milk and cookies.

Everybody has some special food that makes them feel taken care of: A culinary escape from danger: Noodles and pot cheese, Mom’s chicken soup, rice pudding with raisins, or a tall glass of chocolate milk with vanilla wafers on the side.

Nursery food is the supreme comfort. No wonder, because however, abysmal it really was, childhood looks so appealing the farther away it gets. You remember warm farina served in a bowl decorated with dancing bunnies, or the ritual cup of cocoa after school.

Compared to grown-up worries like earning a living, developing a double chin or thermonuclear water, the childhood horror of spilling grape juice doesn’t seem all that awful.

It’s rumored that the more emotionally evolved a person is, the higher his required take of baby food. Well, not exactly pabulum and gruel, but nice food that takes the edge off a not-so-nice world … like pudding and Horlick’s malted milk powder

Please help us celebrate Tom!
Birthday hats … snicks n’ snacks and CAKE!
(Suggested attire ~ Pajamas)


  1. Happy birthday to Tom.
    May the Lord bless him today. Love the poem!

  2. I've had birthdays that I'd have rather just ignore; perhaps Tom feels that way. But, if not...
    ♫ Happy Birthday to you. ♪
    ♪ Happy Birthday to you. ♬
    ♬ Happy Birthday dear Tom. ♪
    ♫ Happy Birthday to you. ♩

  3. Give Tom a big hug from Frank and me and let him know we are sending belated birthday wishes.

    Shhhh! It's a big secret but I have plans in the works to give Frank a surprise party for his 65th this summer. He has never had a birthday party in his life and I think it is time. But, he has also given me strong warnings as to how he will react if I ever but him on center stage at one of my large family gatherings. So it should be interesting, to say the least.

    Would love to have you and Tom join us. Even if it is on the virtual tour by way of my blog.


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