Tuesday, January 12, 2010

America's Team?

Are you ready for some (more) football?

Between Auburn’s wild win on New Years .. then the Cardinals improbable victory Sunday afternoon, a surgeon would be hard-pressed to wipe the GRIN off my face!!!

So, the other day I did something I’ve not done in 20 years -- cheered on the Dallas Cowboys. No, I’ve not changed my spots. In truth, it came down to my personal Scale of Justice: Who’s less evil, Michael Vick or Jerry Jones? Not that I’m holding a grudge mind you (oh, nooooo)!

Back in '89, when “JJ and the boys” summarily dismissed Tom Landry, replacing him with a used car salesman lookalike (did I say that out-loud?) … well, the magic disappeared.
NFL-style D-I-V-O-R-C-E ... an abrupt departure from the gal who once believed herself the truest Cowboy fan in Texas. Uh-huh, I was one of “those” … not content to just attend games; I’d queue up at personal appearances to shake a hand, to garner an autograph in my “Cowboys Wives” cookbook. Staubach, the "Doomsday Defense" ... those were the days, my friend!

Tho’ I never had an opportunity to meet Coach Landry, I believe he had more class in his little finger than the whole of his contemporaries. By all accounts, he was a devout, principled sort … someone who walked his talk.

We can't go back again. But nowadays, I like to think Kurt Warner’s a similar sort of fellow. Who knows? Perhaps this decade’s “America’s Team” lives right here in Arizona?!
...Then again, it's all a state of mind.

Go Cardinals!!!

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