Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shoulders, Whine (and Cheese)

OK, call me “slacker.”
In defense, I’ve been really cranky of late. Like Thumper’s momma cautioned, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

I’ve always been blessed with a high tolerance for pain, but gotta admit, lately I’ve entertained thoughts of coyote-like behavior … just gnawing my arm off at the shoulder. Odd, that out of some 100 employees, 5 of us developed “bum” shoulders a few months back ~ just in time for what the tourism industry refers to as “Shoulder Season.”

Initial x-rays revealed, quote, “ragged bone ends.” Aleve, icing n’ exercise…. should be good to go in 4-6 weeks. OK, I’m not big on patience, but they’re the experts, right? Un-uh. The discomfort’s intensified, to the point where sleep’s a Luxury and getting dressed resembles a 3-ring circus.

Back to Ortho-man last week – who, without benefit of further diagnostics – changed his tune to “frozen shoulder” syndrome … with a prognosis of 18-24 months. (sigh.) Basically, if I don’t undergo his recommendation of cortisone injections, Ortho-man seems uninterested in further assistance. (Is it just me, or does that sound like a threat?) Am I just being a big whuss? I’d love to hear from someone who’s actually undergone that protocol.

OK, given my IN-aptitude for the sciences … I wouldn’t last 24 hours in med school. Still, akin to a toddler, I want to know “WHY.” I’d really like a definite diagnosis, but the insurance company is reluctant to green-light an MRI.

So, before I make a decision, I’m consulting my PCP (aka, “Welby/McDreamy.”)

Then again, there’s always “Coyote therapy” ...


  1. Oh, no! Sorry to read about your should pain. Have you met Loren at She might be able to answer some questions. At least she knows the pain.


  2. I have frz shoulder a few years ago. My ortho told me he wouldn't release it until the pain was gone. I did physio for a few months til the physio said to just wait it out. the release went well under general anesthetic.Good luck.


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