Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

I'd honestly forgotten the (dubious) significance of September 16 this morning. Walking in my office building shortly after 6, I held the door for a departing guest .....and was amused to see our Night Auditor grinning in my direction, holding up 7 fingers. What? In the time-honored tradition of some youth, I guessed she was giving me a signal he'd rated a "7" on her personal "hunkster" scale? (Yes, I turned around to take a second look!)

No, she was congratulating me on 7 years employment. Whoa, that's rather nice!

'Permitted myself a brief flash-back to that day ....when no-one knew exactly what to "do" with me. (I'd arrived 'midst budgets and my poor GM honestly didn't have a spare hour show me the ropes; hence, I spent the first four weeks assisting in H.R.)

Anyway, I wanted to show ya'all what our Front Desk crew had waiting for me on my desk.... a handmade tissue-paper and gold-foil greeting, signed all along the margins. In all honesty, that means the moon and stars!
Check the little magnet that reads, "Instant Human: Just add Coffee"! Do they know me or whaaat?


  1. That is the most creative idea! What a nice place to work when they celebrate the anniversary of your hiring. I've never heard of doing that.

  2. How sweet that your coworkers acknowledged your anniversary. I've never had a job over 8 years. I'm unemployed right now as a matter of fact and hope to find a job in this rotten economy.

  3. That is so sweet! Love the "instant coffee" magnet...I need to get that for my husband! Congratulations on 7 years, but mostly for having such good and caring co-workers...that's a blessing!


  4. I am so glad they honored you like that. What a nice company and great co-workers....but me thinks you are pretty special, too!


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