Saturday, April 12, 2014


"What's your personal Dumb Little Victory?"
... so asked the radio hosts who live in my dashboard.

They illustrated ...
"Is there a light you try to make daily?
Having exact change for something?"

I began to nod.  
Years ago my daily commute took me right past the end of Tampa International's runway, and I'd race to 'beat' approaching aircraft to the gore point.  
Isn't that silly?  
Naturally, I lost more times than not - but there were a few fist-pump moments. 

More recently -
... My workplace boasts plenty of free parking spaces, but I'm partial to one in particular.  (mine!)
...  I auto-gravitate to the far southwest seat at the conference table each Wednesday morning.  (mine!)

And here's the FACE I probably wear if either is occupied when I get there.

Of course, there's never been reserved parking or seating at my workplace, or our church's auditorium for that matter - but I'm such a creature of habit.

Even before hearing that radio prompt, I had cause to chuckle at my similarity to another's misfortune:  
A few months back, DH and I'd taken a day trip to see a friend perform at a local casino showroom.   We'd not been seated more than 5 minutes when there comes this rat-a-tat on my shoulder and looked up to see an elderly soul glaring at me, "Those are our seats!"

Um, all-righty then .... be easy, now .... we'll just move over there.
(Later someone observed we were there first, but these old gals are regulars and favor that area.)

And then it happened.
Last week it seemed there were no more little victories to be had:
I was uncharacteristically late - then discovered my car wouldn't start.    Sticking my head back in the bedroom, "The battery's dead; I'm taking your truck."  
.... Only to find myself behind every slow-moving, oversize vehicle on the road. 

Just as I was working my way up an epic pity party, I became witness to one of the most spectacular sunrises I've seen in years.   The kind that bring tears to your eyes.  

You know, I wasn't late after all.  And "my" parking space was right there waiting -- with a bright shiny penny sitting face-up when I opened the door.

I don't know.  But I suspect these little "dumb little victories" are like seeing God smile and wink.    It doesn't take much; I just have to remember to look for the wink.

Wishing you scads of  'Dumb Little Victories'
.... and (of course) hugs from Phoenix,


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Confessions of a Reformed Dieter

I think - no, I know that moment I first fell in love with DH:
His was an off-hand remark.  All the same, my stomach did a little doe-si-doe when I heard,  "There's little better than biting into a juicy burger and having the grease run down your arm."

Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Fast-forward ... 13 years and nearly 30 lbs.  
Events of the last year culminated in my questioning my Life Choices: some life affirming; others not so wise.    

The good part?    After years of unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, I'm now confident referring to myself as a 'former smoker.'  

The bad?  Until recently, I was still inclined to beat myself up about the weight.    Come January, without fanfare I elected to cut out the carbs in my life.   (Some may recall my dear vegan friend, Diana, dubbing me 'The meat-atarian.')  
Used to be, I could shed 15-20 lbs. in a few weeks ... consuming enormous porterhouse steaks and rashers of bacon .... paying no attention to portion control.

Unfortunately, come vacation last month it seemed the only significant weight I'd lost occurred in my feet.   Really.  When my shoes began flopping at the heels I was having visions of body casts!

Discouraging.   But maybe, just maybe that explains the disembodied voice I heard just prior to my alarm going off the other morning:  "Time's running out."  
(I'm not a big believer in the supernatural, but that was just creepy!)

I'm trying to be more careful where I spend time, and with whom ...
 ... and who, exactly, is it I'm trying to impress?
Most articles of clothing I know I'll never wear again are headed to charity.    (Other favorites I hope to repurpose into a memory quilt some day.)

At this stage in my life I suspect a 'happy Myra' is more attractive than an old grump trying to replicate the sunken cheeks I wore like a badge of honor in my 30's and 40's.    

Perhaps I spend too much time fantasizing about my next meal -- not to be confused with actually cooking it!

While I won't be eating this ....

or even this .......

for supper each night, it's refreshing to give myself permission once in a while!     Aren't we lucky to be living in a world where (nearly) anything's available 24/7?

For more amazing choices, why not drop by my friend Buttercup's place.   As part of April's 'A-Z Challenge, Carol is featuring some of Manhattan's little-known, but delicious eateries.    You're guaranteed to leave hungry! :)        

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new week!

Hugs from Phoenix,