Monday, June 22, 2009

The Arizona desert is full of creatures, large and small, that might present a challenge to humans.
Most are willing to share the desert, but like all animals in nature, if threatened they will fight back.

To that end, we must constantly caution our guests not to feed the wildlife. Heck, I have to keep reminding MYSELF!

I received these pictures just a few days ago. This person's home backs up to the Union Hills Golf Course in Sun City. She took these pictures of the first baby coyotes born there this year, about the middle of May. No matter what the species, aren't all babies cute?

Time to go home, children!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Sometimes flamboyant .. often enthusiastic... consistently principled, my dad rarely spoke of his Faith. Rather, that Preacher's Kid lived it every day by example. He taught me to pray, and made certain I accompanied he and my mother to church each Sunday ... even those mornings when I didn't much want to go!

He's been gone nearly 30 years now, but I still "talk" to him regularly.
Years ago, I tried explaining why I could no longer patronize that church in which I was baptized and later, confirmed. His church. The church of 3 generations of pastors who went before. Initially, I believed he would be cross ~ now, not so much. No matter the venue, he would be satisfied knowing that my Faith has strengthened. Because he loved me.

While attending Unity Clearwater a few years ago I came across this prayer. Perhaps it's not the author's intent, but missing my dad I was comforted by these words:

Even though I cannot be with you, even though I cannot see you or talk with you, I am as close to you as a thought. I am as near to you as the love I feel for you in my heart. Whenever I think of you, I bless you, and my love encircles you.

I do not worry about you. I know that God is watching over you, that God is your health, your strength, your source of supply, your happiness and your peace of mind.

Wherever you are, God is. Wherever I am, God is. God is watching over us while we are absent one from the other and making us to know that we are forever together in Spirit.

“The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent one from the other.” (Gen. 31:49).

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How do you write? Is there a special nook you frequent?... a certain time of day?

When I first discovered “blog-land” last summer it was such a Treat, touring the crazy array of sites!

Several leave me feeling I’ve just concluded a leisurely visit across the kitchen table. (Sigh!) Others manage to pack more Feeling into a few concise paragraphs than I could hope to produce in 2-3 pages! Gotta confess, it was several weeks before I overcame my inhibitions; to realize, blogging isn’t about rules; nor is it a competition.

I once attended a workshop where students were compelled to take pen in hand and write quickly, consistently for five minutes. “Don’t stop to think. Just write!”
OK, I understand this can be an effective way of unleashing one’s thoughts. Still, I was revolted …“Wait! I can’t DO this!”

Heck, I’m the gal who’s been known to compose a script before leaving a voice-mail. Too, I can’t escape the urge to edit as I go. (Thank you, Journalism 101!)

Given my handwriting, keyboards are a Godsend! … Not slowing to draw pretty letters, still trying to suck up to the 5th grade teacher who gave me a “D” in penmanship when my arm was outfitted in a fat plaster cast. (Really.)

It seems I get my best ideas in the morning. Unfortunately, my employers don’t pay me to blog … LOL! So, during my 45-minute commute I’ll often grab the cell phone and voice catch-words into voice-mail .... and hope the muse stays inspired (ie, awake!) later that evening.

Excuses, all. I long to be more spontaneous. But heck, I’ve longed to be a lot of things, and most of them weren’t worth upset.

Reckon one of the best pieces of advice came from the friendly folks at Nike who once urged us, “Just DO it!”

Know what? This is a blast!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big trouble?

Have you heard? IKEA has announced plans to take over General Motors.

I think we're in BIG trouble .....LOL!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

I adore questions! ... at least those which provoke Thought.
No wonder then, that I gravitated to, "If Questions for the Soul" by best-selling authors Evelyn McFarlane and James Saywell.

While I don’t go ‘round with the book in one hand and a virtual microphone in the other; I do find it therapeutic, in partnership with prayer, to exercise these old brain cells. Often times, the questions serve to put my mind in a more peaceful place just prior to sleep.

Today’s post isn’t intended to solicit anyone else’s (deeply personal) answers. That would be rude, wouldn't it? Perhaps, the publisher says it best:

The ultimate task we face in life is the process of finding and accepting our true selves, our souls. It’s often too scary, too overwhelming, or too time-consuming to begin the whole introspective process of self-discovery. So we often don’t look. But what we forget – or maybe never know – about soul-searching is that this process can deeply rewarding.

Here’s but a sampling.

  • If you had to pick the most sacred spot you’ve ever seen, where would it be?

  • If you could have met one religious figure from history, who would you choose?

  • If you were to add an 11th Commandment, what would it be?

  • If you were to describe the time or activity that makes you feel most spiritual, what would you say it was?

  • If you could have prevented one religious event, which one would
    you pick?

  • If you were to make a religious site out a place that currently
    isn’t one, which would it be?

  • If you were to select the religious symbol that means the most to you personally, what would you choose?

  • If you could add one annual religious holiday, what would it be for and when would it be?

    • I hope you all will thoroughly enjoy your beautiful new week!

      Friday, June 12, 2009

      Reach Out!

      Most business days, I'm still amazed by the sheer amount of unsolicited e-mails ('junk') that arrive ... just hoping against hope I'll sucker up to whatever they're pitching. Thank goodness for Outlook's "preview pane," or this may have joined the others in my cyber toilet.
      Excerpted from Inside Hotel OnLine today ....

      There was a woman that I dated about a year ago. As what usually happens with me, it wasn’t meant to be but we remained friends. She lives in North Carolina and I live in Atlanta so I never see her, but like many we stay connected through Facebook.

      I got a text from her about a week ago and since it was basically gibberish I ignored it. I then received an e-mail from her saying that she hadn’t seen me online and was worried about me. I probably overreacted a bit and replied by asking if she was really worried about me.

      Does anybody remember the old days before the Internet when we thought of somebody we picked up the phone and called them? I told her if she was really worried, why didn’t she call?

      Then I started thinking of how many people I could call and never do. I send an e-mail to catch up with people, I exchange messages on Facebook or other social media sites. I recently received an e-mail from Minot Osborne who told me after 18 years with the same company he was moving on so I picked up the phone and called him. It was so much fun catching up with him. But did I really have to wait for this news to call him? How many people are there that I should call just to say hello.

      Sure we can all claim we are busy, but couldn’t we pick a moment on occasion to call somebody we haven’t talked to in awhile? I remember many years ago when there was only one phone company and there were television commercials encouraging people to use the phone. The message was simply that the best call to make was the one that you didn’t need to make.

      All these years later I still believe it is a great message. Think about it.

      - Siegel Sez

      Sunday, June 7, 2009

      The Name Game!

      Won't you tell me of your name?

      Dunno why, exactly, but I’ve long held a fascination re. given names…. how one came to be dubbed, the cycles of “popular” names, etc.
      I even once wrote a term paper (back in the Dark Ages) re. the origin of names.

      Speaking for myself, I spent my adolescence secretly scorning my parents’ lack of imagination. (I was named for my mother, with the first and middles reversed). Oh, but I wanted to be a “Debbie” or “Jeannie” or “Suzie” ….something cool and saucy sounding!

      Nowdays, I rather enjoy that my name’s uncommon … except when called, “Myrna” or “Ira” – at least once a week.
      Allright ….I suppose people don’t do this intentionally; rather, they don’t take time to LISTEN.

      My father’s biggest pet peeve was when others consistently misspelled/mispronounced both his first and last names. They were unusual, yes … but hardly ethnic or lacking vowels. Another time, a co-worker was quick to point out, “My name is Deborah”, shortly after we’d met and I called her “Deb.”

      ……..The list could go on and on!

      How about you? Do you like your name? Were you to adopt an alias, what would you call yourself?

      Saturday, June 6, 2009

      To Everything There is a Season

      Could it be? After nearly 7 years in the Valley of the Sun, have I finally acclimated?

      Stepping out back last evening, I paused. Is that a shiver? About, face… back inside, to trade my sleeveless tank for long sleeves. Never mind that the therms read 80-something; that DH’s Midwestern cousins regarded me so strangely!

      So long now, I’ve professed to desparately Dislike the extreme heat -- leaving more than one person to wonder, why I elected to move here in the first place? Simply, the “WOW” factor far outweighs any periods of discomfort. Sounds like a tired cliché, but the mountains and desert landscape call to my heart like the fabled Lorelei.

      Last year I had a particularly vivid nightmare ~ odd in itself, since I don’t normally dream -- or at least, I don’t remember:
      The media, broadcasting emergency dispatches: “130-degrees by sun-up -- and climbing.” …. Fire engines being dispatched to hose the syrupy asphalt. Me, imploring hubby, “We must run!”

      Belatedly, I’ve come to realize that all the belly-aching in the world won’t change a whit! Instead, I try and focus on how very fortunate we are …. on our military men and women who stoically endure far more (unimaginable) extremes.

      Rather than dread the summer’s sunrise, I evoke a favorite Unity prayer: “The Light of God surrounds us, the Love of God enfolds us.” (Never mind that sometimes His hug's a tidge too warm.)

      And finally, I wonder how can any Believer in the Hereafter not be inclined to “clean up their act” after experiencing summer in Phoenix? What a divine prompt!

      Thursday, June 4, 2009

      Assumptions You CAN Make!

      'Sure wish someone had shoved this in my face 20 years ago! ....especially the first. Ouch!

      Making assumptions is usually unwise and can result in a bunch of "I wish I hadn’t done that!" problems. As the old saying goes: “When you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME.” Nevertheless, we all tend to make them.

      So here are some “safe” ones … things that you can feel okay in assuming

      The e-mails you send will be seen by more people than those they’re addressed to and intended for.

      Things said “just between you and me” won’t always stay that way.

      In all of your dealings with team members, what goes around WILL come around – back at you.

      Your spouse and co-workers CANNOT read your mind. If you don’t tell them what you’re thinking, they’ll assume they know … and there’s a good chance they’ll be wrong.

      Problems you choose to avoid will usually get worse.

      “As long as you don’t hear from me, you’ll know you’re doing okay” is just not true.

      Treat one person poorly, and ten people will hear about it.

      Your ability to get another position will be directly related to how well you do on the job you have now.

      Whenever you think “no one will know,” someone WILL.

      Whenever you think “no one will care,” someone WILL.

      Whenever you think “it will never be missed,” it WILL.

      Whenever you think you’re as good as you need to be, YOU AREN’T!


      - Excerpted from