Sunday, August 10, 2008


I love 'em .... really LONG lists!

For instance,

  • 100 Things That Bring Me Joy

  • 100 Things That Turn Me Off

  • 100 Things I Miss

  • 100 Things I'm Glad I've Done

  • 100 Things I'll Never Do Again get the idea!

In this exercise ~ intended to help one dip into his or her unconscious ~ participants are urged to write quickly, repeat as often as necessary and write whatever comes to mind. Quickly.

While I'm sure that method works well for many people, I prefer to ponder ... to savor each line item. In fact, my own lists were begun more than a year ago and I've yet to reach "100" in any category!

I've heard that most people find it easier to identify their DISlikes vs. those they love. At least in my case, this has proven so .. which is a bit unsettling. I've always considered myself to be generally positive and upbeat.

Still, I wonder if "healthy dislikes" (mother always cautioned me not to se the "hate" word) don't reveal more about a person's true identity?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ready, get-set, go!

Truth is, I'm nervous.
The time's come ... n' I've made a commitment to attempt this Blog-business, without appearing foolish.

Years ago, a friend quipped, "Struggling with a problem in your mind is like trying to play racquetball in the bathroom." (Certainly, those walls are pockmarked, big-time!)

Any and all recollections/impressions/fantasies are intended as a tool ~ to jump-start my long-neglected practice of therapeutic writing. I hope they won't appear too self-serving. Leading with the heart, one is never sure.

Finally, I'm reminded of the friendly sponsor's advice, "Just DO it!".