Friday, June 24, 2016


So I've concluded, mine are greedy molars.

I've no quarrel with soups ... but seriously?  
You can't chew it!  
(Rather, you'd look pretty silly trying.)
Remember the Liquid Diet?  Psshaw!
I could probably sip til I slosh, and still long to gnaw on something substantial.

My late father would find it astonishing, but I've come to adore breakfast.
Weekdays are no exception ....
Desktop omelet

Then - as appetites go - I came to covet something more substantial:
  Before long, one jar/week became two, and DH prophesied I'd turn into a monkey.

Time to consider a healthier alternative.
Remembering a co-worker who lost an enormous amount of weight while eating cucumbers, I beat feet for the produce section.
 They crunch, right?

Except, I discovered our container of lime juice had expired ... and, what I thought was chili powder wasn't.
I improvised by soaking them in Greek dressing and Tabasco.

It wasn 't as awful as I feared.  
Still, Day #3 required some finessing.

There, all better.

All joking aside, I recognize how critical it is to remain hydrated - particularly here in the desert southwest. 
 A former supervisor at my workplace used to caution her landscapers to keep pushing liquids:  "If you're not piddling once each hour, you're dehydrating."
(Sneaky stuff.  Deadly, too.)

Let's face it.  Water's necessary, but it's pretty boring.  
I began researching recipes and ordered an infuser to house my new friends, the cucumbers.

Unfortunately, I've never mastered the art of "all things in moderation."
There's nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and reaching for a long drink of cool water.  
..... Or in this case, liquid cucumber.  
Even always-curious Macie Ann sniffed, grimaced and beat feet off the bedcovers.

Back to the drawing board!
True, I'm not fond of fruit; but there are a few exceptions:
There's a jug of diced lime chilling in the fridge, and I'm considering how to secrete a jar of grapefruit into the back of our fridge where DH can't see it.  
(His meds prohibit consuming grapefruit.)

Have you any favorite beat-the-heat recipes?
Bonus points if they crunch!

* * *

P.S. ...
I want to say, "Thanks" for your thoughtful comments on my last post ... and apologize for any misunderstanding.
Sometimes my my mind takes unexpected detours down Melancholy Lane.
An unexpected windfall aside, we need to stay put for another few years ... before relocating near my son in Alabama and settling into a nice climate-controlled underground (tornado-proof?) bunker.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!