Sunday, February 25, 2018

Warp Speed

G'morning friends!  

So, I daydreamed and said my prayers ... but never expected things to move so quickly!
Only last Saturday I was cat-napping with the fur babies when our realtor texted, asking if Tom and I had a moment to chat.   Given the number of nearby homes on the market, I was thinking we'd discuss dropping our price point.   Yawning, "Tom's in Phoenix right now, Harvey.  Can it wait a little while?"

But no, the phone rang in my hand.
"We've an offer, Myra ... it's a good one." 
A little later, Harvey was sitting at our kitchen table chuckling at the disbelief on our faces.

God willing, they want to close on March 16! 

Feeling like I might throw up, I broke the news to my boss Monday morning.   Even feeling the way I have since Big Corporation took over 5 years ago, telling Michele I'm leaving was hard.  Real hard.  At first she was stunned.  Then, learning we're moving to Alabama, she jumped up, ran around her desk and gave me a big hug.  15 years we've been together ... longer than either of my marriages.

... and God bless Tom!   Towards the start of this journey we were seriously butting heads about the how's.   He was dead-set against spending $$$ for a 'real' moving company; me, stubborn-like-mule against trying to do it ourselves.   At 76-y/o (tomorrow!) with COPD, I don't want to risk him not seeing 77.   Finally, I threw out a number.  "If the house sells for 'x' or more we'll hire the movers; if not ..."  (*theatrical sigh*)

So, he's been soliciting quotes all week, to include a car transport for my Camry.   At 232,000 miles, I'm reluctant to ask it to make that drive, ya know?  I was seriously considering selling it, but like my son says, "The best car is a paid-for car."

In spite of our Tom staying on top of our home's maintenance, the inspection was gnawing at my nerves.  (Ya, OK ... you're probably thinking, what doesn't gnaw at her nerves?  LOL

Instead of grabbing a 30-minute nap after work, I came home Thursday all ready to get up close and personal with the  mop and vacuum cleaner.   After all, Harvey had said the new owners would be accompanying the inspector the next day.
Tom gets so exasperated ... I hadn't the heart to tell him, I used to do the same thing before the cleaning lady arrived.  (A long, long time ago, in a land far away.)  

Remembering our plumbing debacle on Christmas eve,  "At least, let's run the dishwasher."

I'd just finished putting on my grubby clothes when the doorbell rang.   A pleasant-looking fellow stood there smiling.  "Hi!"

Tom: "Hello.  ... And you are?"
"I'm xxxxxxxxx"

Me:  "OMG, you're the new owner!"

Unbelievable.  But like old friends, it wasn't long before he and Tom were sitting at the kitchen table yakking away.

Picture for a minute:  New owner is sitting facing the backyard, his back to the kitchen.
I hear the dishwasher subtly change gears and glance over to see water spewing out of the doohickey (relief valve?) that sits next to the faucet.    Feigning thirst I got up to get a glass of water and threw open the dishwasher (STOP!!!).  Still, the cabinet under the sink had flooded.   One eye on our visitor's back, I grabbed a bunch of old towels and stuffed under there to absorb the water.   Reaching for my tablet, I began to Google new dishwashers.   Hey, one's gotta do what she has to do.

After he left, Tom was in agreement -- we're not going to try and foist anything off on these folks.    First, there was one thing he wanted to try.    Dismantling that which lies beneath (???) Tom discovered the main line doohickey was totally clogged and calcified.  See what I get for trying to save electricity and not run it more than once a year?

Before they closed, Tom ran over to Ace Hardware and replaced the hoses, and (thank you, Lord!) a cure was effected for $8-change ... v. hundreds for a new dishwasher.  
The next morning the inspector ran everything and pronounced it good.  Tom groused a bit, how nit-picky he was ...but hey, I'd expect the same thing!   In the end, he only asked that we replace two cracked switch plates.   Like auditors, I suppose they feel compelled to find something.   This process has sure given me perspective what those sellers in Alabama experienced!

So blessed!

It's a beautiful, cool morning here in the desert -- what they call Chamber-of-Commerce weather ... this, I'll miss.   Plus, Tom's son called a little bit ago to ask us to lunch at The Islands.  Nice!

I hope you're enjoying a beautiful day, as well.  Please take good care of yourselves ... we'll chat again!

Hugs from Phoenix,