Sunday, October 23, 2016

Touched by an Angel

Uh-huh, there's an angel lurking 'round my workplace.  
Still, I never would've guessed she'd be outfitted like a bumblebee wearing a baseball cap!    

We call her Sonia -- sometimes referred to as, "Oh-no-Sonia-what-have-you-done-now?"  
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

A few months back I was leaving for the day when the head of Security approached our back door -- accompanied by a little gal I'd not seen before.  Myra, say hello to our new SO, Sonia.
What a pretty name! I remarked ....  to which her smile lit up the whole county.   Seriously, it had been a long time since I'd glimpsed that sort of expression.

As our days go, it was a while before I spotted her again.  Then early one morning she sat the break-room table, head bowed, hands clasped in prayer.   Stowing my lunch in the fridge, I apologized for the interruption.  No, it's OK.  She rose with a smile and gave me a big hug -- the sort I've not felt in years.  (Awkward.  We don't do hugs at work.)

Tell that to Sonia.   Practically overnight, she's become an Ambassador of Goodwill..... moving throughout the campus, offering encouragement and hugs to associates and guests alike .....leaving more than a few bewildered expressions in her wake.

Just the other day, my boss and I were engaged in a private conversation.  Not bothering to knock, here comes Sonia, arms outstretched.  Mission accomplished, she turned and silently departed.

Later that morning, sensing she'd crossed a line, she asked to share a vignette of the time she worked security at Chicago's Wrigley building:
My boss told me, "You don't look at, you don't speak to Mr. Wrigley unless invited to do so first."   Well, naw-uh!   One day I spotted the man waiting for the elevator so I walked over:   Good morning, Mr. Wrigley, I'm Sonia.  What do I call you? William?  Bill? 
(I wonder if my expression appeared as aghast as I felt.)

He said, "Uh, I suppose William will be fine."
... and do you know what?  After that, every time he was in the building he'd stop at my desk to say hello.

So, recently, Sonia decided it was everyone's best interests to host a chili cook-off.
"But, we don't DO that sort of thing here anymore."  

In spite of my discouraging words, Sonia convinced management and I found myself creating flyers.

Woo-hoo!   Approaching my desk Wednesday morning, Sonia waved a piece of paper above her head.   I've got 15 people signed up so far, and the guy in the Golf Shop said his dad's got a killer recipe and ...
Spotting the look on my face, she paused.
Sonia, please tell me you didn't just invite the guys in Golf to participate?   F&B, too?

What?  Did I do something wrong?

I felt a bit like a parent who has to break the news to their children, there is no tooth-fairy.   
 Once upon a time, yes, we were all one.   Then, shortly after our take-over, the Clubhouse, restaurant and golf course were sold.  Through a series of unfortunate happenstance - probably avoidable, but none of which bears repeating - relations have been strained to the point we barely speak to one another. It's not a rule, but no-one goes over there anymore.   

I couldn't not tell my boss - whose eyes grew wide, her mouth forming a perfect 'O.'  Behind her, our AGM giggled.  Why not?

... and it occurred to me.   Wouldn't it be a hoot if, after 4 years, a third-party contract associate were to single-handily effect a healing?   
Like blog-friend Susan recently posted, "One life can make the difference."

I'll let you know how that turns out!  

Have a wonderful new week, friends .....

Hugs from Phoenix!