Saturday, March 18, 2017

Of Birthdays, Bowls ... and Cars that go "Zoom!"

Hello friends!

Like my high school boyfriend recently quipped,
"Now I get to tell everyone, I'm only 67!"
(Oh, com'on ... my face is far too time-stamped to fib about my age!)

... plus, I regard each St. Paddy's Day as my very own (fiscal) New Year. 
Another chance to get it right.  Right?

So, yesterday Tom took me shopping at my favorite consignment shop in Phoenix ..... then to what I call, the Happiest Place on Earth (i.e., Cheesecake Factory).

I've never worked in the food-service industry, but that place seriously amazes me.  I was telling my son, their menu is like 12-13 pages long and we've never had even a less-than excellent meal.   (I keep thinking about what Troy said: "Wouldn't you love to watch their kitchen in action?"   Why yes. Yes I would!)

Tom had his usual Colby burger and fries, and me the Firecracker salmon rolls.  As is tradition, we each ordered our desserts to go ... and enjoyed for supper last night:  Carrot-cake/cheesecake and lemon-meringue cheesecake ... Tom pronounced better than any of the chocolate varieties he's ever had.   Hungry, yet?
(Alexa even sang 'Happy Birthday.'    Ha!)

* * *

Not a birthday present, necessarily, but Tom sure gladdened my heart when he took an off-hand remark and ran with it.

I love these olden mixing bowls ... a wedding present to my parents back in '38.

While the mid-size (aka, tapioca bowl) acts as a catch-all in my 'ish' room, I was crushed when Mother's dough bowl took an unfortunate spill.   Knowing I was reluctant to part with it, Tom did his best to repair the break ... but still it leaked.
What to do?

Well ...

He drilled some holes for drainage ... hot-glued a section of screen to the bottom ... added a wee bag of aquarium rock and soil, and would you lookie here!

If I listen real hard, I swear I can hear my mother chuckling!

* * *

Today's back to the tile store (I'm sooooo confused!) then running errands .....
when what I'd really, really like to do is run over to P.I.R.
DH's enjoying sitting out back and watching the private jets flying low over the house!

Unfortunately, there's no 'running over.'
With Tom's limited mobility, my dislike of crowds -- and today's 96-degree forecast -- that's probably not a great idea.   (And, there's little likelihood we've enough disposable income to get anywhere near the pits!)

I won't go so far as to call myself a true-blue fan, but I sure respect NASCAR's patriotism and values.
Any questions?

Have yourselves a great weekend!

Hugs from Phoenix,