Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rules, Regulations ... and Randomness

Thank you so much for your prayers and positivity, m'friends!  Aside from the gosh-awful 'bouffant' cap they made me put on ... and conspicuous absence of a coffee bar, Tuesday's procedure wasn't nearly as awful as I feared.

Beth-from-Buffalo, Tony-from-Kenya and Ricky-from-the-OR were amazing.   More than once, I wondered if they were really Real or an effect of the joy juice.   Sensing my aversion to the 'gas mask' Tony explained (that) the peculiar smell isn't ether, but the material itself.  "Remember, when you were a child and opened a brand-new inflatable beach ball?"   (Why yes ... yes I do!)

Now some of their rules seem absurd to the layperson ... but I have to remember they're there because some random someone, somewhere goofed big-time.   I lost track of how many folks came and went, but every stinkin' one asked to see my wrist band and made me recite my name and date of birth. 
Seriously!  Don't y'all talk to one another?")

Another rule - this one way more difficult to swallow - occurred at my workplace last week:   No-one (including my boss!) is permitted to carry keys any longer.  What a pain, having to ask Security for a temp pass every time I want to use the bathroom.  I can only presume this (company-wide) policy is a result of increasing workplace violence.  What a world .....

'Hoping and praying that DH keeps his composure Wednesday when we go through airport security.  The reason for THAT practice goes without saying. 
Still, the last time we flew (I thought) the TIA was unnecessarily aggressive -- and worried Tom's temper was going to get him arrested.    (After all, we probably bear  a marked resemblance to probable terrorists.  LOL.) 
One of them called him a "lump of coal."  Can you believe it?

* * * * *

What's in a name?

Has anyone else ever wondered, who gets naming rights to city streets?   That would be cool.  Plus methinks, what a kick it would be to name a hurricane!  (Would I choose one that reminds me of someone I admire ..... or, a witch(-with-a-'b')?

Because my tried and true lipstick shade was abruptly discontinued, I dreaded yesterday's task to find a suitable replacement ... then cracked myself up reading names of various cosmetics:  Forever Fawn, Eternal Iris, Everlasting Rhum. 

Cemetery sounds aside, some make me hungry:
Cinnamon Toast ... Caramel Latte ... Vanilla Pudding ...
(What?  No liver-and-onions?  No garlicky escargot?)

Who on earth would choose something called "Studded Kiss" or "Sweet Venom?"   (Damn, I'm old.)

* * *

In all seriousness .... 
Whether your mother is near or just near in your heart, I hope today's significance finds you smiling.

Mother, Myra and Caraleigh
Port Charlotte, FL (ca 2000)

DIL Lois (Susie), Sarah and Chloe (1997)

BTW, we're off to Alabama mid-week but I'll do my best to keep in touch ... as best I can w/o benefit of an old-fashioned keyboard!

Hugs from Phoenix,