Sunday, June 25, 2017

Friday Letters ... on Sunday

Well, I used to really enjoy this format, but was too uninspired on Friday to do anything about it.

Dear Mr. God,

That was you wasn't it, speaking to us through Lynn Anderson's voice?  "I beg your pardon ... I never promised you a rose garden."

I dunno, that notion just popped in my head the other day when I started to whine about the heat.

Dear Dr. E,

I'm delighted to learn this rash and awful itch on my neck and upper chest isn't anything debilitating.

But seriously, a sun allergy?  Seriously?!

Maybe, I might spend 30-45 minutes outside each summer day.  At most.  And you recommend I purchase solar-resistant clothing?
Well, I just checked and they're awfully expensive.

OK, I'll strike a deal and buy the scarves.
But these prescriptions better do the trick.  I'd hate to have to change direction and move to Seattle ... or London.

Dear Random Receptionist,

When I phoned to renew our annual maintenance agreement, your greeting made my day:

"Good morning, this is Brenda, how are you?"
... said with a smile.  (We can hear a smile, you know.)

Just a twist of words, but it put a smile on my face, too.  Thanks!

on the other hand .....
Dear Executive Caller,

Would it kill you to identify yourself up front?   
When I pick up the phone and hear, "Is 'M' there?" ... or better, "Is 'M' busy?" ... it's annoying as heck to have to guess who's calling.
It doesn't make you more important.  (...just a jerk.)
I may be just the hired Doberman, but I take my door-keeper duties seriously.

Dear Harkins Theaters,

Thank you!  I'd about decided going 'out' to the movies was a waste of money.  Then y'all came along with 'reserve-your-own' seat assignments .... and comfy leather recliners.  Now, my only problem is keeping DH awake!

BTW, if anyone's interested, we both give Meagan Leavy 5 stars.  More than a few folks actually applauded at the end.

In closing, an Idle Question ...
Why can't real life more closely resemble HGTV's House Hunters?

... more about that later!

Have yourselves a wonderful new week, OK?
Hugs from Phoenix!