Sunday, February 12, 2017

Growing pains ..... dusters ..... and glitter

There's lots I'm still discovering about myself, but one thing's an absolute:   I'm a pathetic salesperson.   

Were she still alive, I'd invite you to ask my mom.  Family lore has it, my first foray into door-to-door Girl Scout cookie sales went like this:  "I don't suppose you'd like to buy any cookies would you?"  

By choice, I've always been most comfortable in supporting roles  -- first as an extra in high school little theater productions, then in a myriad of secretarial positions.   One of my all-time favorite compliments goes like this:  When waiting for his appointment with our President, a suit from CBS told me, "Steve says you're the best secretary he's ever seen."    

At this writing, I find myself a bit discombobulated by subtle, seismic shifts - both at Corporate and my workplace.   While I believed my role too insignificant to be noticeable, a few weeks ago my performance review contained a strong suggestion that I assume more leadership in the workplace.   Then, last week they bumped the hurdle up a notch.  

(Aside: I thoroughly enjoy crafting written responses to guests' comment cards, but I'd rather have a root canal than speak with a reviewer.)   

Believing no-one opens what they presume is an auto-response e-mail, I've been directed to call those commenters who've rated us a 7-8 (v. 9-10).  "Fish where the fish are."

Two days I managed to put off the task.   I fretted and stewed until, in a not-unkind manner, DH urged me to put on my big-girl panties and deal with it. 
Friday morning I literally felt I was going to throw up.  Then I said a little prayer and dialed ..... and hallelujah!, got a voice-mail.
Successive calls and I'm chanting, "Don't pick up ... oh puleeze don't pick up."   The Universe must have taken heed, because I only had to speak with 4 individuals - two of whom turned out to be really nice men.

I don't know.  Arriving late to the hospitality arena, I'm no expert, but my instincts tell me what I'm doing borders on harassment.  I mean, IF I take the time to participate in an on-line satisfaction survey ... they're everywhere! ...  I'd be rightly annoyed to have a stranger calling to discuss my ratings.
Do you think I'm over-reacting?

Geesch.  What I'd give to be called into someone's office to take dictation or coordinate a conference!   Sure and you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

* * *

Some of y'all are familiar with my cyber-pal Carol's blog, Buttercup Counts her Blessings ... right?
She's otherwise engaged at the bottom of the Earth right now, but I'm taking a page from her series ask the ladies, "Do you still wear a housecoat/duster?"  Like it was yesterday, I can close my eyes and see mother in her button-up affair, teal with glorious red hydrangeas. 
Hey, I'm all about preserving my clothes from hairspray and cosmetics' spillage!  In fact, I bought a cape like that found in hair salons.  But when I double-over each morning to blow-dry my hair, that sucker billows and whups me up the back of my head.  (Fail ...)
Far too self-conscious to go looking in person, I'm headed to eBay.  I'm thinking something teal ..... perchance with a hydrangea.

* * *

"What was your most embarrassing moment?"
Spotting that question on a recent meme, I began to nod.  This is by no means my most embarrassing moment; rather, the most recent.
If anyone's looking for a reason to chuckle, I'm happy to oblige.

For more reasons than Carter has pills, I never learned the fine art of applying cosmetics.   Understandably, there've been plenty of hits and misses - and, "What on earth was I thinking?" moments.

Scowling at my overly-generous nose, I had the notion to massage a chocolatey shadow onto each side, to minimize its width.
But some 5 hours later when I stepped into the ladies room to adjust my contact lens ... I discovered an unnatural glittery sheen staring back at me from the center of my face.  Yup, in my haste I'd grabbed a sparkly shadow .... probably left over from the Nixon administration. 
Thank you coworkers ... not!

Ah well, live and learn.
... and try and have a good time while doing so.
Have a beautiful new week, m'friends!

Hugs from Phoenix,