Sunday, January 14, 2018

This n' That ... Happy New Year!

So, I think I've about crawled my way out of the 'valley of the damned' ... yay.   Yes, I had the flu shot back in October.  Still. 

Unfortunately, my annoying friend, bronchitis, seems it's going to stick around a while.  It may be March before I quit sounding like an escapee from a TB ward ... but given our 50+ years' history that's nothing new.

Tom's sis and BIL came for a pre-Christmas visit.  What a treat for the grands to have their auntie Annette spend a day teaching them to made kolaczki!  

Happy this shot doesn't reflect the expression on my face.  LOL!

It was relatively easy-peazy to watch what I ate at Christmas since I'm not especially fond of pasta or traditional Polish food.

But!  Once Annette and Jim left, things returned to whatever passes for normal on Ashley Drive.  
A recent meme asked something like, "What was the last great food you loved?
Immediately I remembered the supper I fixed myself on Christmas eve:  A mess of scrambled eggs mixed with Hormel 'hot' chili, smothered in cheddar cheese.   'Twas all I could do not to lick the plate! Then again, that's the way we roll.  Simply imperfect.

Christmas day was blissfully quiet.  While Tom enjoyed leftover pierogi, I remember little else than the two packages of peppermint/white chocolate covered pretzels from Troy and Lois.  Realizing there's stuff we'll need after the move, my wonderfully-pragmatic kids stuffed a generous gift card among the chocolate!  So blessed! 

Tom asks, "Do you think my son thinks were alcoholics?"

I've not the heart to tell them we don't even like Vodka ... but the bottle's beautiful!  Maybe we should throw ourselves a going away party?

Grace and Macie could care less ... they were only interested in keeping warm. 
Just wait 'til they get a taste of 'real' Winter!

... Speaking of real Winter.  I believe we've had ONE day where the daytime temps dropped below 60.  My goodness, but you should've heard the menfolk at my workplace moan and groan.  Of course, DH was right there with them.

Nevertheless, he flew into a 33-degree Atlanta morning yesterday and drove over to Pike Road.  I couldn't justify the cost for both of us to go do a walk-through of the new place, entrusting my son to go along with a new perspective.   As a matter of fact, they just phoned to report the owner left behind a hospital-type bed, a red armchair and side table.  Did I want them?  I'm thinking the lift bed will be perfect for those nights Tom can't lay flat without coughing and choking.

God willing, we're supposed to close on the 17th.   Week after, I hope to have new carpet installed in the bedrooms and the grout power-washed.  Funny (not funny) the things I've overlooked.   This house-shopping experience has sure given me a new perspective what's a turn-off!

These have nothing to do with nothing, but I loved these recent images my DIL posted on Facebook. 

Troy and Lois at 'other daughter', Caitlin's wedding last month.

For some reason, THIS image yanked my heartstrings.
Her grandmother made her gown!

Bridesmaids Chloe (left) and Sarah (right) with their 'fellas.'

  Heck, I may not have been around much during my grands' growing up years ... but I'm not about to miss any more.   Imagine what a hot mess I'll be when/if I become a great-g'ma?  Ha!

Since the laundry's all done, I've decided to 'milk' this girls' weekend for all it's worth and go curl up on the love seat with Macie and Gracie and a Kellerman novel.

Y'all have a great new week and keep warm!

Hugs from 78-degree Phoenix,