Thursday, July 21, 2016

Brain Lint

Some readers might appreciate, I've washed out my mouth. (Does gin count as a cleansing agent?)   
No more rants!  
(For the foreseeable future,

I'm not sure if it's a coping mechanism ... but with so much chaos surrounding us, I made a decision last year to go 'audio-less' during my weekday commutes.  
That's 20 hours each week I can allow my thoughts to run amok.

Some are purpose-driven, some prayerful; others plain silly.
... prompting me to wonder:

Do bona-fide celebrities, sports stars and billionaires have to renew their drivers licenses like the rest of us?
Tales from the DMV

Granted, I'm a poor backer-outer ... but why on earth, when there are plenty of pull-through spots available, would motorists do this?
... Says she who will drive to the furthest reaches of a lot to find a pull-through spot.
Drives my DH nuts!)

Speaking of DH ...
Have you ever seen anyone arrange their hangers in this fashion?

... Maybe it's a guy thing?  a military thing?  a Polish thing?

What in the heck is eyebrow threading?
I can't help but imagine something out of a National Geographic photo essay.

Last, but not least ...

If a motorist is blatantly ignoring the suggested speed limit, I don't get why he/she deserves a warning.
Jus' saying ...

Hope y'all are enjoying this sweet day......
Let's chat later!

PS - 
Thank you to those who held Tom in your thoughts and prayers.  He's feeling pretty good, actually.... we're looking forward to hearing what his surgeon has to say this afternoon.